Thursday, December 15, 2016

WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND :12/15/16,The Pygmalion Effect

What's on my mind?

 The Pygmalion Effect

The Pygmalion Effect, as I was told when I worked for the military as an Intelligence specialist is as follows. There was a government program that tested if results raise to the level of expectations.

 Officials went around to grade schools and conducted aptitude tests that, in reality , were not used to gauge anything but the instructors at the schools were given the idea that they were. A few students were picked out entirely at random and the government officials told the teachers that these kids had "advancement potential".
The experiment concluded with the government officials returning to the schools at the end of the school year and then had the students take another aptitude exam. The five kids picked out at random had improved scholastically. This is because the teachers had subconsciously given those kids added encouragement and praise.

Here is why this is applicable today. If we are optimistic and give Trump a chance, it can only have a good outcome. Not doing so, risks having a bad outcome that will hurt us all. SJW's think they are fighting for a noble cause by searching for any perceivable error or fault in our president. It is not going to do any good. 

As Hillary Clinton said in her concession speech, "it is time to give the next president a chance and the benefit of the doubt". Liberals are convinced that they are like the good guys in an old western and the Republicans are the cartoon villains wearing the black hats. They are blind to the idea that they are being destructive just for destruction's sake. The irony is that they are not being "progressive"

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