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‘America’s Fraud President’ 

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 Obama’s Birth Certificate is Forgery Press Conference 12/15/16

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio held a press conference in Phoenix on Thursday afternoon where he announced after a five year investigation his investigators have determined that the birth certificate presented by President Barack Obama was a fraudulently created document which has been represented as an official copy of the original certificate. The Sheriff’s office said they have been working this case since August 2011 after the Tea Party asked him to investigate.

“We had to follow the evidence,” Arpaio said during the press briefing. The lead investigator, Mike Zullo, presented a video which claimed to show the Obama birth certificate shows “9 points of forgery.” He says they consulted several experts from all across the world including in Italy. We will post the video here as soon as we get it. In the meantime, you can watch the press conference live.

The investigators took aim at the media for the way they have characterized their investigation. “You have continued to mischaracterized this.. This was not about where President Obama was born. This was about his birth certificate,” said the Maricopa County public information officer.

“I didn’t want to be the guy that figured everything out, I wanted it to be the clearinghouse,” Zullo said during the press briefing.

84-year-old Arpaio lost his reelection bid in November to the Democratic contender. The sheriff is among the last high-profile “birthers” left, who question whether the President was born in the United States. Former birther President-elect Donald Trump held his own presser during his campaign, where he acknowledged that President Obama was indeed born in this country, and that he indeed had a legitimate birth certificate.

Brad A. Heward

This action is the beginning of the end for "The Matrix of Frauds", Obama's own brother admitted he was sucked into, on live TV.
Joe Arpaio just sent the Obama forged birth certificate evidence to federal prosecutors for indictment. This will completely discredit him. "The evidence is conclusive. The document is a digital fake". Everything he has done for eight years is now voidable, under law. The fake news media will not cover this, please share it everywhere!

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