Thursday, November 17, 2016

What's on my mind? 11/17/16,Righting 50YRS. of Wrongs In Four

What's on my mind?
Righting 50YRS. of  Wrongs In Four

AS of January 20, 2017, after 12:02pm EST, we'll have FOUR (4) years to right 50 years of WRONGS, because IF the status quo remains the same, America as we know it WILL cease to exist. You will NEVER see a Donald Trump or ANY conservative elected to the Presidency again, the electoral college RINOs & leftists hate will be terminated, & more judicial radicals will slime into power.

I KNOW you think "that is past tense." On the contrary. Since papa Bush KILLED the conservative movement started by President Reagan, the globalists, Dems, RINOs & NWO crowd have pushed open borders, with a virtual sign in neon lights flashing: "C'mon IN, FREE ANYTHING!" So out of a nation of 340 million "Americans", I don't believe it's beyond safe to assume we have upwards of 75-80 MILLION unregistered, non-taxpaying, & non-vetted ILLEGAL ALIENS live within our borders. The "11 (ELEVEN) million illegals" within our borders number has been pushed for OVER 25 years. It's as genuine as "Islam is a religion of peace." Or "global warming is our biggest threat." These illegals have families, many BIG families. So their numbers, if not checked, WILL make us strangers in our own country by 2025, if not sooner. HOPE I'm wrong, but if I'm not..... Time to wave "bye, bye" or we'll wave goodbye to the US of A.

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