Thursday, November 3, 2016



By Luke Haskell

Tell your government representative you know what is going on and if they do not speak up they will be voted out. Tell the hand picked military leaders if they follow Obama's orders that they will be charged with treason like all of the others involved.

We are being taken into WWIII by a government that does not have America's interests at heart. It is part of the global regime.

Excerpt from Senator Black letter.

"The Senator asserted that the war on Syria was not caused by domestic unrest, saying:

“It was an unlawful war of aggression by foreign powers determined to force a puppet regime on Syria. General Wesley Clark, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe, revealed that by 2001, Western powers had developed plans to overthrow Syria. Yet after fifteen years, of military subversion, NATO, Saudi Arabia and Qatar still cannot identify a single leader who enjoys popular support among the Syrian people”.

“Foreign powers have no right to overturn legitimate elections and impose their will on the Syrian people. Syrians alone must determine their destiny, free of foreign intervention. I am disappointed that the UN has turned a blind eye to the unlawful interference in Syria’s internal affairs”,

"Madelyn Hoffman, Executive Director of New Jersey Peace Action, Member of the Syria Delegation at the 17:15:

“This is not a civil war in Syria. That’s probably the first thing we heard, and we heard it over and over again.
It is not President Assad against his own people. It is President Assad and the Syrian people, all together, in unity, against outside forces, outside mercenary forces, terror organisations, the names change everyday or every other day, to try to protect their identity, and maybe keep the connection between the country that funded it and that group, kind of a little bit more nebulous, but there are groups, mercenary forces, supported by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United States, and underneath it, Israel, the state of Israel.
And these outside mercenary forces are the ones that are terrorising the Syrian people, and are attempting to divide the Syrian people.”

From the Free Thought Project.

While Syria is torn apart by the warring of U.S. imperialists and Islamic fundamentalists leaving its children to die of starvation another country plans to take advantage of the chaos by stealing resources from Syria’s southern region. The theft will be carried out by the most notorious pushers of military hegemony, and they don’t care that it violates international law.

Genie Energy is an American-based oil and gas company with major investors and advisors comprising a who’s who list of war profiteers—Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, Lord Jacob Rothschild, and James Woolsey. The president of their Israeli subsidiary is Efraim “Effi” Eitam, an Israeli military commander who called for expelling the "cancer" of Arabs from Israel.

Together, these warmongers and would-be ethnic cleansers will soon to be drilling into a vast oil and gas reserve located in the Syrian territory occupied by Israel since 1967, known as Golan Heights. The move would be in clear violation of international law, specifically the Annex to the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Israeli authorities granted Genie Energy’s subsidiary, Afek Oil and Gas, exclusive petroleum exploration rights in a 153-square-mile region in Golan Heights. In 2015, above-ground geophysical tests discovered the presence of oil and natural gas reserves that could make Israel energy self-sufficient. Afek has already drilled three exploratory wells.

Israel has benefited from its illegal occupation of Syria’s Golan Heights for decades, drawing one-third of its entire water supply from the region and providing a tourist and smiling destination at the Mount Hermon Ski Resort. Despite persistent international pressure, including from the U.S., the occupation continues and will reach a new level with the extraction of fossil fuels.

Rupert Murdoch heralded his involvement in Genie Energy by touting the prosperity and freedom it will bring to the world.

Amazing. The Book of Enoch says the fallen angels made their pact at Mount Hermon.

What is going on in the Ukraine and Syria is a product of the World Bankers NWO PROPAGANDA machine.

The previous President of the Ukraine was against the European union trade agreements and supported a working relationship with Russia as a great many of Ukrainians do. Obama working with McCain, Ambassador Nuland, NATO and European interests, used right wing NAZI's to create insurrection and lies against the government. CIA working with our media machine are also always involved in the deceptions. The cold war mentality objective is to remove all countries that give support to Russia. The agenda includes to have a natural gas pipeline that supports Europe to run through Syria and American interest control of the oil in the Golan heights. STOP THE ENDLESS CYCLE OF WAR BY BECOMING ENERGY INDEPENDENT. A pipeline that will benefits Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey that will run to Europe. NATO wants offensive weapons against Russia on Ukrainian soil. Putin anticipated the attack and took the Crimea. This is not much different than the Cuban missile crisis. Like I've said in the past, the Clinton Foundation appears to be the largest regime change and gun running operation in the history of this country. Hillary could not be indicted because there is collusion with the government and the Clinton Foundation that can take down the entire government. Follow the money. The largest donors to the Clinton Foundation are pro European union interests inside the Ukraine who were most likely involved in the regime change. Other large donors are Saudi Arabia and Qatar? Besides TPP this is one of the reasons even Republicans ( trying to save their butts) cannot have Trump become president. He can send hundreds to prison. More and more email releases prove this, there are Billions involved by the special interest machine paying representatives. It all comes down to greed.

A huge propaganda machine has been set up in Syria. Our media knows what is really going on but it is controlled by the World Bankers and Saudi Arabia. This is another reason they will do everything in their power to keep Trump out of the White House. He will expose and destroy the machine. Recent email release shows Hillary knew about Qatar and Saudi Arabia funding ISIS at the same time, she continued to take money into the Clinton Foundation from those countries.
but there is much more to the story.

General Flynn previous head of DIA confirmed FOIA releases that show intelligence knew how ISIS would develop. General Flynn said Obama's policy against Syria led to the creation of ISIS. We supported its development. Benghazi was a gun running operation through Qatar to arm hard line salifists against Kaddafi and Assad which also supplied ISIS. I truly question where the billions and billions of dollars under the direction of Hillary' s State Department went to? We knew who was funding ISIS. We have a working relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood who is the conduit for the CIA regime change Arab Spring operation. Our special forces are getting very dis-heartened because they say they are training Al Qaida to go up against Assad.

Syria and Ukraine are lies that are leading us into WWIII. McCain illegally entered Syria from Turkey to organize the hard line salifists against Assad. The reason the regime change has not worked against Assad, like Madelyn Hoffman said, is because Assad has the Syrian people on his side and it is a war against Assad and his people with outside aggressors. This is a war against international law organized by Obama and his world banker handlers...

Pulitzer prize winner Seymour Hersh believes that Hillary was involved in the sarin gas attack on children in Syria, a set up with our Government working with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey in order to increase the propaganda and force America into the war. The white helmet group inside Syria is part of the propaganda machine. The image of a child in the back of the ambulance spread by the MWO propaganda machine, was taken by a hard line salifist supporting the propaganda machine to take down Assad. Most of the peaceful Syrian people left eastern Aleppo and are under protection from the Russians and Syrian army in the western side. Part of the deception is the lack of knowledge that Aleppo has been cut in half. Russia and the Syrian army are not bombing passive citizen's. The Syrian army has even tried to give the so called freedom fighters a corridor for safe passage out of the region. Journalists have said over 400,000 of the Syrian people have left Eastern Aleppo. It is our Government that does not want the peace agreements and have used the propaganda machine to say it is Russia and Assad. Obviously...they supported the build up of ISIS from Al Qaida in Iraq ( IQA) wake up!

Russia is bombing the terrorists in the west and terrorist families as collateral damage in western Aleppo and even the journalists feeding information back to our knowing media are hard line salifists supporting the removal of the Shia non sharia Muslims. We have become the ISIS air force and Russia has needed to set up a no fly zone in order to protect the Syrian people and the Syrian army from the American air force backing ISIS in order for ISIS to take down Assad. Russia is also up against the stinger missiles we provided through the Benghazi gun running operation. It is our Government that has created sanctions in Syria that is starving Syrians. It is are government that has chosen to choose hard line salifist refugees over Syrian Christians to come into America. All the world's a stage.

Our present government and the Clinton Foundation has created murder famine untold suffering around the globe as puppets of the world Bankers for greed. ISIS is pushing hardline salifists into civilized nations around the world with the support of George Soros to cause insurrection and crisis response of a police state. You cannot use the news media for your information and those running things are counting on you being lazy and not seeing the entire elephant and using your own ego against you by words such as conspiracy theory.

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