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Justice “The First Order” of business, 
First may I say God Bless You and God Bless America. Who loves this country very much? We all know about our movement by now, American Restoration, and were coming back from the dead, now everyone please welcome back our “Republic of The United States of America” the theme of the Olympics 2016 “Rebirth.” For more than two hundred years we have withstood every single crisis by way of our “Justice System.” The question is have we always come back or have we always endured long enough with our great nations tenacity to not only endure the difficult times, but most importantly overcome adversity as well documented in our great history. Enemies of the United States will exist, and although our adversaries pray for our demise, we the people ever since our conception have conquered since George Washington. Who criticizes America for being mediocre when we have a clear armor layer, and who has the intelligence in the year 2016 to understand our greatest weapons of defense which includes intelligence on just how to utilize SEO™ Jaws Teeth? The reality is our Justice System works like this over wooden teeth. May we the people report to our people for every single person still set against America, who assume we have lost money, but may we also report we have found our printing rights again, and taking back our country works well its just our style.

Remind everyone who calls themselves their own, who may also identify themselves as American we always come back, we walk through every single fire refined by the heat of opposition, and adversity able to endure further. As I address the people remember in the end you ultimately decide “The Champion of Cause” therefore agree with your own freedom today to champion your cause in alignment to our founders who provided you this priceless freedom to be able to partake in procuring your life, liberty, and pursuits of happiness without interference. The reality is your sacred honor must be found today, found in agreement to continue the cause of refining a more perfect union. Fellow Americans do you know what you want today? Fellow Americans if that is what you want and if this is what you have set your sights on, well then can you believe this is what you believe? All in the year two thousand and sixteen may I personally ask does your voting really count in the up and coming 2016 elections? Who did you vote for to be able to vote for? Do you think it is wrong to change voting procedures and can you find when it comes to twenty sixteen executive candidates who genuinely care about updating the majority when it comes to the “Real State of Our Union” providing “News Without Suppression” and “Intelligence Without Reproach?” If you like the way things are going when it comes to such obstruction, then by all means you should vote for the all out continuance, those of whom you may have not voted to vote for in the first place. If you decide none of the Candidates meet your minimal qualifications of the job functions as prescribed in our constitution's preamble, then by all means you should vote for “The American Justice Party” of whom has their official Candidate 2016 and who shall see your Justice all the way through people.

Attention silent majority if you have never voted before, first you must vote for your self to be able to vote first to begin with. If you believe that you do not fit into divided politics, then may we the people suggest the unity found in our constitution's preamble. If you believe the history of the living presidents have been less than pleasing to your personal future, and you feel they have been right to close the doors of American opportunity by enslaving our people with thoughtless debt, then by all means vote for a President who will open the “Doors of Intelligence, “The Gates of News” “The Dam Levies of Justice” and for our peoples’ future who shall operate in the future of “Our New State.”

If you can believe all in a renewed state, the state which opens the doors of opportunity for us all as Americans, those who find themselves as more than just seeking opportunity, but finding themselves again as opportunistic without interruption, to all those who were born within the United States again, the ones who have found themselves again, ultimately finding their true identity of which relating themselves again without shame as American. The ones who are also becoming legal, the ones who are now lawful, and those who serve in our military, everyone currently in college, those first time voters, the ones who never found anyone worth voting for, and interest that actually broke the threshold pushing them over to actualize voting for the first time, of whom is the Majority, who are the “Silent Majority” seventy percent of upset Americans must vote for “The American Justice Party” the “Candidate Who Provides Justice” hence providing their hungry remedy, and satisfying relief their country remains still protected today.

If you as an American desire a future of sharing your hard earned prosperity with those you have never known, sharing your hard earned wages with those who are not legally able to receive your blood, sweat and tears, if you find your self in a state of annoyance identifying your selves as the middle or lower class when it comes to your wages, then by all means realize that socialist system does not work within the United States and take a leap forward in the process of eliminating defective divided politics who specialize in growing poverty and debt. Decide today to do away with declining and increase your American dream, the one you live best. The reality of enjoying your labor includes not worrying about what other people are doing with your wages, the peace of knowing your future dreams are protected, alive and flourishing without annoyances or divided political pestilences. You the people are the “Sovereign Nation” you make up the “Republic of The United States of America” where law and order is the ground work and where the “Majority Does Not Rule” but the “Rule of Law” that of which was provided does; ensuring your standards are met with the same discipline it takes to enforce your rights as “The Working American People,” “The Republic Restored."

If you want a future of shared prosperity by all means continue in a system that was conquered to begin with, continue into a place where the “American Dream” does not exist, but a “United Nations” driven by those who have taken you away from such prosperity belongs, continue with a “United States Corporation” and by all means make sure you vote for those who have been sold to their handlers, continue depending on leadership that does not include your selves, and continue thinking the future is really alive and well again. Instead today I ask you to vote for a United States of America, by only providing “Notice To The United States Corporation” the people have elected a Continental President of The United States of America, even through their corporate systems, vote for the United States of America and maintain your leadership as a united force against fraudulent intelligence and schemes of deception, continue a flame for the republic and all those who have knowledge, continue into a state of renewed faith in an American dream that really will maintain being alive and well. Finally continue into place where the Military is yours, as well as your Courts, States, Counties, and Public Servants, continue in a state that does not end in service rather than mere political process. Find yourselves again as the leadership who usher in and maintain our countries peace and justice by your invaluable decision to vote for your own prosperity vote for “Your Republic of The United States of America Reborn.”

Sincerely Yours,

The American People

Sincerely, Jason Gambert
United States Servant

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The Rule of Law, in its most basic form, is the principle that no one is above the law.
The Rule of Law gives the people the power to trust their governments by trusting in themselves and God, and by way of this knowledge able of holding anyone elected accountable to their oaths of office.

— Jason Gambert, United States Servant and Advocate for Personal Justice.


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