Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Putin / Hillary -- Pay-for-Play

 The Clintons Are So Corrupt.
Hillary should be in prison not running for President 
You the Voter will decide our Faith as a Nation this November ! 
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PAY-for-PLAY?            Do you remember the Malheur Wildlife standoff?

They were blocking Russians getting 25% control of US Uranium.

They prevented the other BLM, Bureau of Land Management, from stealing land / mineral rights from citizens who owned farms next to public lands.

Was Hillary outplayed by Putin, or did Putin get pay-for-play to control US uranium?

Was Lavoy Finicum murdered for Putin/Russia to control 25% of US Uranium?

Cellphone video from inside truck with audio.

Compare these two videos. The FBI release showing Lavoy reaching for a gun. Easy to see they left out audio that shows FBI was already shooting when Lavoy’s hands were up. The FBI said he was reaching for a gun, yeah right.

Breaking: FBI Releases Video Of LaVoy Finicum Shooting - RAW FOOTAGE

Time to wake the hell up America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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