Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Young Reporter Bites the Dust for telling the truth about Hillary's health issues

 Posted by Elaine Connor

HUGE LEAK. THIS young reporter was fired by Huffpo for telling the truth about Hillary's health issues, and then was threatened for putting out the video below.l THIS IS THE CRUX OF THE MATTER. THE ROTHSCHILDS RUN HILLARY AND THEY CONTROL DC. THIS IS #1 of 2.

important to watch both and share. WIKI MEMO 1606 and others prove Hillary works for and takes her orders from Rothschild. They are worth about 500 Trillion. They control all of our Mainstream Media and the Central Banks.

#2 video of 2. Huge leak. this reporter was fired by Huffpo and then threatened for releasing the truth about who Hillary really works for.

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