Thursday, September 15, 2016

We The People Told Them :We Didn't Want Obamacare,It Was A Big Ass Mistake ...

Dems fear they made a mistake passing ObamaCare provision.
The Democrates ,Will never listen to Reason ,Look at the Photo below of the Speaker and tell me they have common sense. 

Democrats are looking back with regret on a provision that was slipped into a funding bill two years ago, arguing that it is contributing to the insurer problems plaguing ObamaCare.

In hindsight, some Democrats say they should have fought harder against the Republican provision, which limits funding for insurers under a program called risk corridors.

“I felt like this could have been stopped and it wasn’t,” said a Democrat involved in the 2014 negotiations.

“At the time there were Appropriations staff on the Democratic side who did not fully understand what they were doing,” the source added.

The risk corridor program was designed to provide financial stability for insurers in the early years of the healthcare law by taking money from insurers faring better financially and giving it to the insurers faring worse.

But in the first year, the program took in nowhere near enough money to cover the payouts. Then the provision put into the 2014 law, which Republicans said was needed to prevent an insurer “bailout,” prevented the administration from shifting funds from other areas to make up the difference.

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