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The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag: “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”, I pledge my allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, Amen !

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Ok. Let me get this straight. Are we to believe that Hillary thought the classified markings in her emails were for the purpose of sorting them in alphabetic order? Now I ask you how ludicrous can this dirtbag be?? This just insults the intelligence of us all except maybe for about forty percent of Americans who still want her to win the Presidency. Many of these idiots are convinced that she is worthy of achieving the office once occupied by George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Fellow patriots, the IQ of a sizable chunk of America is really rapidly sinking'.

Just imagine this. A former Senator and Secretary of State is is so ignorant that fails to know that a 'C' marked in an email means it's classified?? How much more of this sleazy, pathetic pig are we to take? Even a nanosecond of this crooked piece of trash we simply can't abide. LOCK THIS GOOD FOR NOTHING BITCH UP and throw away the damn key. From what we are hearing no wonder she wasn't put under oath. Then for sure she'd be indicted for perjury. But then again one never knows for it would take a pair of balls from FBI Director Comey to actually recommend indictment for Hillary.

This system is beyond totally rigged. This TYRANT and his unctuous thugs have made a mockery of our America. The rule of law has become a distant memory. We have a government that is by and large consumed with scoundrels and low lifes who betray so willingly the public's trust that it leaves us with total disgust. I defy you to name one who serves in this government that deserves even a smidgen of respect. How can it be with a disgusting TYRANT that's in charge. What the hell can one expect?


It's the Friday before a long holiday weekend. The perfect time for a Hillary document dump. Team Clinton is counting on people not paying attention. It will not work for they'll hear plenty from Donald Trump. This email business has been slow torture for Hillary and will no doubt lead to her demise. Add to this the impending damaging WikiLeaks emails this lying pig is really in for more of a surprise.

We are finding out from the FBI downloads that after her fall she couldn't recall much of anything. I'd say whatever she could remember you could take with a grain of salt for she is most proficient in the art of lying. With regard to questions about process or specific content about emails she claimed she could not recall very much. The amount of times of 'I cannot recall" approached thirty nine. Can anyone truly believe a damn thing she says.?? She's truly a deceitful scandal ridden swine!

What we are finding out from the latest batch that has been released plays right into the claims of Donald Trump that Hillary is dishonest, detests transparency, and sorely lacks the ethical standards required of someone who sits in the Oval Office. She is so full of corruptibility that having her as President is something that would be unacceptable and totally remiss.

It is absolutely shocking to see her answers to the FBI standing in direct contradiction to what she had said publicly. How she ever managed to escape indictment is absolutely astounding. The finger of blame goes to that coward, FBI director Comey. Today's release of these documents is clearly a devastating document that shows this cretin to be the monster that most of us know her to be. Do we need further proof that this lying bitch should never achieve the Presidency?


ALL LAWS WILL BE ENFORCED. These are the five words we hear forcefully spoken by the DON. It is something we have not heard in eight years. How could we when we've been under a TYRANT's reign?? The rule of a DESPOT will soon be ending. Do I need to further explain? We have before us a great chance to get our America back. It is in the towering figure of one, Donald Trump, who has been under assault. He's been under a most vicious attack. He is the only public figure who is willing to tackle the issue of IMMIGRATION head on. A hardline must be taken. And it will be under the DON.

His stance in Mexico and his speech in Phoenix revealed to us that there must not be any turning back. He is certain that the people prefer his stand on Immigration and not Hillary's. There will, he again assures us, THERE WILL BE NO AMNESTY! It is the well being of all Americans that is the core issue of this debate. Everything pales in comparison. For this stand he has become the object of vitriol and much revulsion. The candidacy of Trump projects strength. It is something that we see in him and never in Hillary. Never do we see pandering. It is principle that is at the core of his immigration policy.

He has made it abundantly clear that in his Presidency the only yardstick used will be the well being of the American people. This will be the same with trade and foreign policy as well. Incredulously the deficit under this TYRANT's regime we have seen swell. It has hit a staggering 19.5 trillion. It has more than doubled since the start of this regime. W was accused by this TYRANT of failed leadership when the debt was much, much less. A doubling of the national debt is more than a cause for distress.

A Hillary Presidency would be the final blow to an America that has descended into a deep abyss. There is good reason to believe it will get far, far worse. The downward trajectory we must and will reverse. AMERICANISM is the core issue of a Trump presidency. It is only in his Administration that the many concerns we have has a chance to go away. We have a deeply dissatisfied electorate. And the failings of the elites in both political parties has caused us to feel that way.

CHANGE IS COMING. We have been on a downward slide since that day in January of 2009. It has been worse than anyone could ever have imagined. And made more so by a political opposition that lacks a spine. We hunger for strong leadership that has been missing since the glory days of Ronald Reagan. My fellow patriots, strong stewardship is but an election away. We must not blow it. We can MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!


Jorge Ramos of Univision was on the verge of a cardiac arrest as he saw Mexico's President being so deferential to the DON. You could clearly hear him babbling his words in Spanish. The translation in English was WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?? He couldn't believe President Nieto was not chastising the Republican nominee. Jorge was beside himself. In his heart for Donald Trump there is much, much enmity. He had to admit that Trump did not look anything like the monster who he knows him to be. He actually looked and acted like a President. That is something Jorge thought he'd never see.

There is word that Ramos thinks that he should be moderating one of the debates even though he proudly wears his hatred for the DON as a badge of honor. Yes. Ramos actually believes he could actually be fair. No. It's something that we'll never see. But then when it comes to Donald Trump no one in the media has any objectivity. All across the media Trump is painted in the most disgusting way imaginable. You can't imagine how they must feel when people spoke this morning how Trump looked so presidential.

The DON has been extremely accessible since the day he first announced his candidacy. In contrast we see so little of dastardly Hillary. She hides a good part of the time and the few times we see her all we hear from her is a tone that is extremely vitriolic. Someone hasn't told this pig that Trump is made of Teflon. Any thing horrible said of him rarely does stick. Will she ever come out of hiding and finally have a press conference to set things straight? Methinks this will never happen as long as she's protected by this disgusting and reprehensible Fourth Estate.

I hope the media keeps this up for as we can plainly see the poll numbers for the DON keeps on rising. Fellow patriots, the love for Trump and the utter disdain for the press cannot be at all that surprising. The media plays the perfect 'straw man' for the DON. He can beat them up endlessly and I really don't think they give a damn for he makes for them plenty of money. They don't seem to understand the endurance of Trump as they continue to deal in excoriation. It is all such shit. Americans want CHANGE and to put it frankly, only he offers it!

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