Monday, September 19, 2016


Americans, another incident of "Allah" on our streets being praised as our fellow citizens are harmed, hurt or killed. 

You understand you are being "told" to tolerate people who follow a book called the Koran. There is only one Koran. That is important. You hear about the radical Muslims or the moderate Muslims or the sweet little Muslims. However, there is only one Koran. And in this book are Mohammed's instructions to follow, including the roles each are to play to gain entry into "host" countries by deception of "good," even lies. Their "book" instructs that it is an honor to lie for the advancement and domination of Islam in the world. This is their actual history of the countries they have taken over. They are patient in their deception, to get into the countries, fain assimilation and gratefulness, grow in number, build their mosques, train and prepare, slowly seek their own set of rules and community separation by using the false front of "it's our religion" and we must comply, and "America has freedom of religion." 

This is very much more than what you and I in America call "religion." Experts on the history of Islam and their history of advancing on host countries warn and warn that this is a sadistic cult of evil, of destruction of anyone and countries who do not follow their rules in Islam. They are to conquer the world and peoples in their "religious" book. Submit to us or death. 

What you need to do is clear your head of the false leadings within our nation now calling something good when their "rule book" and factual history say all things different. What you need to do is look down at the spilled American blood and deaths of Americans IN AMERICA in the last 8 years under these "changed" democrats given power to, as they say, "fundamentally change America MOVING FORWARD." 

Deception, you must understand, is real. People are capable of pride, greed and hate that leads them into acts of evil. When Americans continue to give rise to and power to people and ideas and issues that PRODUCE HARM AND DEATH AMONG AMERICAN CITIZENS IN OUR STREETS, SURROUNDING YOUR FAMILIES, and ignore what their playbook actually decrees and the history that proves it, you give rise to evil and evil power and those forces coming together to destroy America, founded under God and for the good of all citizens and a nation TO BE BLESSED. 

How many times can you be told it was just a "lone wolf attack" when the PACK OF EVIL OF ISLAM continues to hurt and kill Americans? How many times must you watch and hear the deceiving leaders in power in America jump behind a microphone and camera to PROCLAIM NO INDICATION OF MUSLIMS AND MORE INVESTIGATION NEEDED WHEN ALLAH IS SHOUTED BEFORE THEIR ACTS OF MURDER AND HARM....AND THEN, AS THE INVESTIGATION UNFOLDS, TO LEARN OF THEIR RECENT TRIPS TO COUNTRIES OF ISIS, TO HAVE THEIR FACEBOOK PROFILES REVEAL THEIR RADICAL TIES AND INTENTIONS? Yes, your democratic leaders JUMP TO SPEAK of their innocence, YET TO BE PROVEN WRONG OVER AND OVER. 

Note if your first reaction to reading this is rage and anger and to attack, and to knee-jerk a response to defend our leaders. If you find this true, then Satan already has taken control of your heart and mind, and blinded you to even examine their history and Koran for yourself. Satan works on your pride in yourself to think you are right all the time, you have picked the best people to lead, you are so endowed with wonderment that all you think is so right all the time. And you see, you can be trapped in your mind even while YOUR EYES SEE THE REPEATED DEATHS OF YOUR FELLOW AMERICANS, EVEN WHILE YOUR EARS HEAR THE SHOUTS OF ALLAH IN THE STREETS, TOO, AS THEY ARE HURT OR KILLED. 

Ask yourself, was this happening in America 8 years ago? In this line of thinking, also remember your fellow American citizens dying more and more in number every day by the criminal illegals and drug cartels and ANYONE COMING ACROSS OUR BORDERS without the legal pathway BY OUR LAWS. Must it be you or your loved one next before DEATH becomes real? Have you listened to the surviving family members of those killed or hurt or raped by Allah callers and illegals let in government leaders who are breaking immigration laws ? Best think of your own safety and security and what those in government take an oath to do as your servants...... Uphold law, uphold oaths to protect and defend this nation, its's laws, it's people from enemies, foreign and domestic. AND THEN CLEAR YOUR HEAD AND LOOK WITH CLEAR EYES ON THE BLOOD AROUND YOUR ANKLES AND RISING IN AMERICA. 

To dismiss danger and reality is to give rise to evil and power to evil people, no matter who they are, what party, what color of skin, what gender. YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS, not by just their claims in words from a podium into a microphone or behind a camera.... AND ESPECIALLY BEFORE AN ELECTION.   


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