Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fox News Channel :Voter ID Laws

Shepard Smith: Voter ID Laws ‘Designed’ By GOP To Keep Minorities From Voting

I hate to say this but Fox has gone down hill! It is no longer news agency it has become a talk show just like the other news agency they now bring on people who support Hillary to spout their lies and twist the truth and share their opinions not fact! I can no longer watch Fox News and the socialist they bring to confuse and deceive the American People and have provided a form for their repeated attacks on Mr. Trump!

I now watch foreign news agency who do what American news agency one time they present facts not someones opinions.

We all know why vote ID is needed so we can have a honest election and not like the last two election!

The idea that voter ID Laws Designed By the GOP To keep M minorities From Voting is not the truth Fair and Balanced my ass!!

I'm truly disappointed with Fox they were the only news i listened to for years

Principles for a Free Society

"... idiot ..."

by Johnathan Jones September 1, 2016 at 7:59am

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Veteran Fox News Channel host Shepard Smith declared Wednesday that voter ID laws are discriminatory and are “designed” by Republican states to discourage minorities from voting.

Smith updated his viewers on the U.S. Supreme Court’s 4-4 decision not to reinstate provisions of North Carolina’s voter ID law during his afternoon program.

The court’s split decision meant the lower court’s ruling to throw out the law would stand — thus meaning first time voters in North Carolina will not have to prove their identity come November.

“North Carolina had put in one of those ‘You have to show an ID’ rules, which so often in Republican states are designed to keep some minorities from coming out and being able to vote, and they tried to reduce the number of voting days,” Smith said.

“The U.S. Supreme Court says that will not happen. Those rules will not go into effect in North Carolina this cycle.”

Backlash from some of Smith’s more conservative viewers was swift on social media.

A very great evil and immorality has come upon American!! Will ,history forever remember us as the generation that let America die!!! Please share the awareness on ever Web site you can, and all your connections, friends, family, and neighbors! Thank You.Principles for a Free Society

The Watchman on the Wall Sounding the Alarm

Dishonest Hillary, Lies Do Matter,I refuse to to submit or bow a knee to be Govern by Hillary and the Socialistic Democratic Party!! I refuse to submit or bow a knee to being Govern by evil immorality and corruption!!


Defeat Hillary and the Socialist Democratic Party in Nov. they reek with immorality

and are enabler of Islam!!!!

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