Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Truth is More Amazing than Fiction

by Bernard J. Byrne

Because truth is sometimes more amazing than fiction, I have come up with the makings of the perfect mystery novel entailing espionage and treason . The details of the novel would go something like this. 

Former Secretary of State has been found to have used illegal e-mail servers and sent and received highly classified material on unsecured e-mails and servers. The FBI investigates for over a year. 

 At the conclusion of the FBI investigations the Attorney General of the United States has a clandestine meeting on her plane with a former President, who just happens to be the Secretary of States husband.  The same former President who appointed the Attorney General to be the Federal Attorney for New York during his time as President. 

 Now it is the Attorney General's job to decide whether or not to indict the Secretary of State for failing to secure classified government information as prescribed by the oath the Secretary swore to and the affidavit she signed. A week before the Department of Justice decision to prosecute or not, the FBI interviews the Secretary. 

 According to the FBI, the interview is not recorded by voice or notes. A few days later, the FBI Director holds a news conference where he details many of the ways the Secretary has lied and broken the law,  but he declines to recommend she be prosecuted due to her being incompetent and there being an element of no intent on her part. 

The Attorney General, who's job it is to decide whether or not to prosecute, defers to the opinion of the FBI Director. 

 This former Secretary of State, who has been shown to lie under oath before a Congressional Committee and has been shown to lie in front of news cameras while addressing the American public, goes on to be the presidential nominee for her party.

Really, I don't have the imagination to make this all up. Truth is more amazing than fiction.

Bernard J. Byrne is a pro-life advocate who lives in Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Blogger's Note: If Mrs. Clinton is as the FBI Director implies, an incompetent, law-breaking liar, how is she to be trusted to run our country?


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