Saturday, July 16, 2016


Satan's Dream for America

"Liberals".....what a twisted title for twisted souls who are actually slaves to Satan who has taken their hearts and minds today. "YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS."

 Liberals say it's "racist" to call Obama "Barry." All about raising up the HUMAN idols, having them seen as above any criticism, all-knowing, all-powerful, to be held in the highest esteem and treated as "holy." 

See how Satan works? Always, always pulling people away from God as above all, God's ways above all, and having his taken souls worked into positions of leadership and elevated as the "highest presence" there is.... TO TAKE MORE SOULS. 

Look at foolishness of the taken today. "If you give ISIS good jobs, they will change," and be good little citizens. "If you take guns away from all, bad people won't kill others anymore." "If we give sensitivity training to our children, they will let go of the guilt of being born with white skin." 

As mothers and fathers mourn the death of their children in America at the hands of SHOUTING ALLAH SOLDIERS, at the hands of illegal immigrants allowed in by a lawless government doing it "their way," at the hands of racist blacks who seek to kill whites and cops, as children are put in harms way in bathrooms and locker rooms and many cases of abuse ALREADY HAPPENING..... as the country falls into societal suicide, STILL LIBERALS CALL THE LEADERS "GOOD," STILL THEY CLAP AND HOLLER, ALL THE WHILE THEIR FELLOW CITIZENS ARE BEING HARMED, HURT, ABUSED, RAPED, AND MURDERED at the hands of the very people YOUR GOVERNMENT CALLS "GOOD." 

Get it? See it? God says if you fall into the traps of lies and deception, Satan has you. Satan will put the scales over your eyes and you will ONLY HEAR what your "itching ears" want to hear. YOU ARE SLAVES OF THE PRINCE OF THIS EARTH AND ALL THOSE LEADERS HE HAS TAKEN WHO PULL YOU DEEPER AND DEEPER INTO DARKNESS. 

Hard to watch so many minds chained, so many fooled, so many attack those who cry out to them and to the Lord to have mercy on them and bring His light into their darkness. Please continue to pray for these chained souls giving more power and rise to evil in our America. Our battle is not with flesh and blood. Our battle today is a spiritual one. It isn't Republican or democrat or independent. It isn't black or white. It isn't gay or straight. It isn't rich or poor. It isn't black versus police. It isn't Latino versus American. IT IS THE FORCE OF DARKNESS TAKING SOULS AND USING THEM FOR DESTRUCTION. 

Satan knows his time is short. Satan knows JESUS IS REAL AND JESUS IS RETURNING AT ANY MOMENT. All Satan can do is try to take you to hell with him. 

GOD LETS YOU HAVE FREE WILL, FREE CHOICE. Him, His gift of his beloved Son, Jesus Christ, OR THE WORLD.... the world ruled by Satan. YOU BEST UNDERSTAND YOUR ENEMY, THE WORKS OF HIS TAKEN SOLDIERS, AND THE REAL CHOICE YOU HAVE TO MAKE TODAY...... GOD OF HEAVEN'S ARMIES OR THE REBEL OF GOD, SATAN, WHO SEEKS TO HAVE YOU JOIN HIM AGAINST GOD AND WITH HIM TO HELL.  God warns you in His Word.  His children share his warnings with you, for you, in Christian love for you, your eternal destiny.  Be NOT DECEIVED by the lies of Satan and those he has taken who speak for Satan, chained souls doing the "work" for their master, Satan.

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