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A Page From The Diary of Bill Sharpe:7/15/16:In the beginning..

The truth behind the rhetoric From the diary of A Patriot ,Bill Sharpe

Hello friends,Bill Sharpe Here...

Good morning to my fellow constitutional loving Americans

Hello Friends, 

In the beginning before there was an alphabet,before there was English, Hebrew, Latin,an Arabic, before the was any written language, the most educated humans used a different language to communicate, it did not have any words, punctuation or grammar !, the humans had to draw pictures if they wanted people from another tribe to understand them, and it was very critical to get these drawings down, because they could cause a war ! so people had to be very careful on what the drew , and probably had to be pretty theatrical when trying to communicate . 

We the human race of today still uses pictures to try to communicate with each other, because of our intellectual indifferences, some people write stories that become movies to try to reach people to edify them, or expose them with things that they normally would not come in contact with, like boundaries between urban communities, and metropolitan areas, or between the scientific community, and those who are not part of the scientific community !

Today we still use blueprints and nomenclatures, and different mathematical symbols to communicate with each other, which brings me to where I'm going with this, a long time ago when people just drew pictures to communicate, there was amazing knowledge available to the human race, but because of wars and because of individuals who had greater understanding of things, a lot of this artwork was destroyed, so that their ancestors could stay in power ! 

A perfect example of this was during the second world war when Hitler's and the Nazis ran around Europe gathering up all the religious artifacts, and artwork they could find, because at this time there was still a great deal of this knowledge out there !. This is what led to the explosion of knowledge that was created around and during the second world war,some writers, archaeologists,and even scientist try to share this information, this is very dangerous information, only because those who want to remain in power, are willing to kill anyone, and even entire nations to remain in power !

I have found out through my lifetime, that there are things in the Christian religion that makes Christians and the holy Bible a target for destruction, because the Bible was written in such a fashion, it can awaken one's mind, which of course those in power do not desire to happen to simpleminded folks ! that's a quote. The star David for example is an engineering design for an electrical reactor, is already in service , and has been used for over 100 years, in that particular configuration ! 

The swastika was an engineering design before the second world war, on blueprints and nomenclatures and a pump or a turbine ? I also believe that the configuration for the star David, has another engineering design for another type of reactor, that produces free energy, and cannot be exhausted !

What's taking place in the world today is that we are facing another war, a war on technology, a war with technologies,and like all wars millions and millions of people are going to perish, because when technology is released without full understanding , just like nuclear energy it will be misused, and there will be mistakes, but unlike the mistakes the human race made befor there may not be anything left this time, so everybody better start paying attention to politics and what's going on in the world, because this Island Earth that we live on, may soon be extinct !!! 

Bill Sharpe

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