Saturday, June 18, 2016


by Joe Esposito


OK. Now let me get this straight. More and more GOP officials are concerned that their presumptive nominee is too divisive and he will pit group against group and that he will act as a DEMAGOGUE and run our country into the toilet. Hey, you blithering fools, we've had a TYRANT for eight effing years and what the hell have you done nothing about it??? This Republican Party has lost its collective mind. The Democrats need do nothing to win this election for the GOP is doing a good job to 'muck up' the DON. I really don't know how he has managed to keep his head straight. Since the days of Richard Nixon I have not seen someone absorb so much vitriol and hate. The politics of personal destruction has reached new lows. In the body politic we're seeing a man being assaulted by so many foes. Have you ever seen anything like this? A political party turning its back on a nominee that has the support of its political base! It is unbelievable to witness this. It is an absolute disgrace.

I feeling like tearing my GOP card and ramming every bit of it down Paulie Ryan's throat. What a loathsome, backstabbing son of a bitch this dirtbag is. Fellow patriots, I want you to take note. And to all of you in his district it is high time that he be 'CATEGORized' in his Primary. He must suffer a stinging rebuke. What an Obama loving scumbag he's proven to be. I have nothing left in my body to puke. At the GOP Convention in Trump's acceptance speech there must be call to arms to reclaim our beloved America. To millions of our citizenry it will not be a difficult sell. And in conclusion a message must be sent to all those in this GOP who have scorned and steadfastly refuse to back him that they all can GO TO HELL!!!

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