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Your Daily Bread for Life...5/04/16

Your Daily Bread for Life.
 Underground Railroad:
Collier's Encyclopedia 1952 book 19 page 17 Underground Railroad is a method used by abolitionists to assist escaped slaves.

Once a network of routes ran from the Ohio River and southern boundary of Pennsylvania into the free states and northward into Canada. Begun in the 1830s, the system provided large numbers of hiding places for fugitives from slave labor. By day these escaped slaves hid in homes or barns. By night they followed directions of their “conductor” to the next station in their route. They received from their benefactors food, lodging and instructions.

In 1838 Robert Purvis became the president of an organization formed for these purposes in Philadelphia. Later Levi Coffin professed to lead a similar group. Although it finally extended into 14 states, the underground railroad had its widest development in Ohio. The movement however, had little effect on the security of slave property for not more than 2,000 runaways made their escape each year.

The propaganda influence was great upon the attitude of both the north and south. (unquote Colliers) PL Sturgis: You have to know right from wrong to know it is wrong to agree to slavery. Many times, although the word was slavery it was more like “employee” and they were treated as family. It’s the truth that makes you free. 

Pearl’s Poem:
 The Truth won’t Change:

We’re putting on a show tonight. We tell ourselves that wrong is right. I don’t know why we’re playing such a part.  The truth we think we must ignore to find the peace we’re looking for...but no one’s left to fool except our heart. The truth lives there and that’s a fact. All along it’s right on track, Every time we hurt it feels the pain. Winter, summer, spring or fall.,... it makes no difference there at all! Deep inside our heart the truth won’t change.

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