Tuesday, May 3, 2016

We Need A Commander and Chief That's an American Born ,Not what we Have Now !

Rick Paris III

It's time to turn back to the founding fathers principals! The early U.S. government sent our newly formed marines to the shores of Tripoli to fight muslims! We need to not only do that and start the final crusade against islam and all it's followers, but we need to take our country back from the savages, the illegals, the left, the progressives, the anarchists, the Bill Ayers, Jesse Jackson's, Al Sharpton, the black liars matter, occupy wall street, the George Soros's, the Eric Holders, Loretta Lynch, the congressional black caucus, the Louis Farrakhan's, the moslems, the murders of the unborn, the racists, the uber liberal, socialist, communist left and the anti American's left need to be purged and now!! 

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