Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...4/05/16

Your Daily Bread for Life.
 War Letters, special edition by Andrew Carroll:
The Legacy Project was launched on November 11,1998.

 It is a national all volunteer organization that honors and remembers those that have served this nation in war time by seeking out and saving their letters to home. Our mission is to encourage Americans to preserve their war letters so that future generations can learn from these irreplaceable documents. 

To submit a war letter (or letters) to the Legacy Project please send a legible photocopy or typed transcript of the material to: The Legacy Project. Attn: Andrew Carroll, P.O. Box 53250, Washington D.C. 20009.

 Please include information on the service man or woman who wrote the letter; where he or she served; his or her rank; and any other personal or background information. Please include your phone # and address where we may contact you. for more information visit www.warletters.com 

 Greetings from the president:

Delivered just today. He said, my boy we need you for the Good Old USA! Stand up for America and let your spirit be...that of defending freedom for all the world to see. We must not lose our freedom...no matter what the cost. That’s why it’s necessary that you help to bear the cross. Freedom must be bought and we are proud of those who pay. Best wishes from the President of the Good Old USA! ( I wrote this poem in 1965 when my brother Robert G. Comer was called to Viet Nam. He came home safe but will not talk about the terrible things of the war. He does meet with his buddies every year in August for a reunion.

Founded in 1998, the Legacy Project is a national, all-volunteer initiative that 
encourages Americans to seek out and preserve the personal correspondence of our nations veterans, active-duty troops, and their loved ones. No one can tell the stories of these men and women better than they can, and…warletters.co

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