Sunday, April 10, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life... 4/10/16

Your Daily Bread for Life.

Decision America Tour 2016 by Franklin Graham ...Join him when he comes to your Capital City:
 Schedule for April:

 from April 12th...Little Rock, Arkansas. 13th, Jackson, Mississippi, /14th, Montgomery, Alabama, /26th, Austin, Texas, /27th, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, /28th, Topeka, Kansas, ...May---3rd, Nashville, Tennessee, /4th, Frankfort, Kentucky, /5th, Charleston, West Virginia,/ 17th, Jefferson City, Missouri,/ 18th, Lincoln, Nebraska,/ 24th, Pierre, South Dakota,/ 25th, Bismarck, North Dakota./ June 14th, Springfield, Illinois,/ 15th Madison, Wisconsin./ 16th St. Paul, Minnesota,/ 28th Salem, Oregon./ 29th Olympia, Washington.

 Are you Praying? 

A student at the prayer rally in Hawaii says, “I get really comfortable with my life sometimes and I need events like this to shake things up.” A group of college friends came early to the Hawaii State Capitol to pray for the Decision America 2016 tour rally and for America. “We are too passive.” one young man said. “I hope this tour sparks a desire to change.” We see enthusiastic young people at the rallies in every state. 

Pray that God will use them to stir spiritual revival and lasting change across America...... Franklin Graham. Pearl’s Poem: America’s Child: Thy footsteps strayed from narrow paths where once thou marched so tall. So desperately you grope and grasp. for balance, lest you fall./ Your limp’s no longer hidden, portraying to the world...those downward paths forbidden we’ve led our boys and girls./ We are decked from shore to shore...with fortune and with fame. 

Yet we are wretched, we are poor, and naked in our shame./ America, behold thy God and turn thy child around. Right the wrong that paths he trod may lead to higher ground!/ Thy Maker loves thee, none the less. From Heaven He will hear...and turn thee back to righteousness if thou repent in tears. Daily Bread for Life: Dr. James Kennedy...”New Every Morning” Tower of Babel. Genesis 11:9 The name was called The Tower of Babel because there is where the Lord confused the language of all the earth and scattered them abroad over the face of all the earth. Various civilizations have built thousands of towers. Why should one particular tower ---The Tower of Babel---receive such attention? 

In the Bible I think we will discover a message that is as relevant to our time as it was to then. their goal was to make a tower that would reach Heaven and make a name for them. It was to be the center of civilization. Why did God look down upon this effort and determine it must be destroyed? Because of the motive behind it. This was an attempt to build the city of man. It was for the glory of man and dominion over others. We are told to unify but God divided the people because we are united only in Christ. It is a unity that is holy and good but man’s role of unity only leads to evil. 

Song of Moses...Deuteronomy 32:

Listen O people of earth, give ear. The Song of Moses the people must hear. God’s doctrine shall fall as the dew on the grass. It drops as the rain and forever will last. Moses, who published the Greatness of God...throughout generations where man’s feet have trod...God’s truth and His mercy is holy and right...but we have corrupted ourselves in His sight! When God set the nations in order back then...the bounds of the people were set forth by Him! It was Israel He found in the desert alone. He led them about as an eagle their young. Consider the old days our fathers foretold. 

Go back generations to learn times of old. How foolish we people! Unlearned and unwise. For we have corrupted ourselves in God’s eyes! Deuteronomy 32 and Jeremiah 6:16 (read it all)

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