Saturday, April 2, 2016

What Goes With the GOP?

 Posted by Jim Maerk

Written by Robin Itzler, she nails it:

Oh gee, I don’t even know where to begin.
 So here goes:

No matter what happens, the Republican Party will most likely NOT win the presidency on Election Day.

DONALD TRUMP – There are way too many Donald Trump supporters who will ONLY vote for Trump or will write-in his name. Yes, he sometimes makes confounding comments, but that’s what happens when you are NOT a lifelong politician who owes your soul to lobbyists. For decades, the GOP establishment has ignored its base (except at election time). Finally, someone came along who said what many of us have been thinking regarding illegal immigration, NAFTA, lobbyists running Congress, embracing our enemies and ignoring our friends AND how both the Democrats and Republicans in D.C. are in it just to maintain their own power.

The GOP convention rules state that a candidate needs 1,237 delegates on the first ballot, but to Trump’s loyal base of supporters and stated by many other respected conservatives including Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, if Trump has the most delegates he should be the nominee.

TED CRUZ – There are way too many Ted Cruz supporters who will ONLY vote for Cruz or will write-in his name. For years, Cruz has wailed against the “Washington Cartel.” Now he IS the “Washington Cartel” as they lovingly embrace the man they have spent years criticizing. Should Cruz get the nomination, which I doubt, he would owe his soul to the very people (politicians and lobbyists) he has staunchly fought against. From Lindsey Graham to Jeb Bush to Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz IS now a Washington Insider.
Ted Cruz is foolish to think that if he will somehow get the nomination if he can overtake Trump in the delegate count or come close to Trump’s delegate lead. Public opinion pollster Pat Caddell posted an article on March 31: “GOP Establishment Using Cruz as Cats-Paw to Nominate an Establishment Figure.”

JOHN KASICH – Why is John Kasich still in the race? To believe that it’s just to reach a contested convention makes no sense at all. With that logic, no candidate should have ever dropped out of the race. Kasich has won ONE state (his own) and it’s obvious that Republicans are not voting for him.
Should there be a contested convention and Kasich be given the nomination, even more Republicans (Trump and Cruz supporters) will stay home on Election Day. Even more will stay home if the convention gives the nomination to someone who suspended their presidential campaign (Walker, Bush, Rubio) or never even ran (Ryan or Romney).

In years’ past, I voted for the Republican nominee even if he/she wasn’t my first (or second) choice. This year, I was appalled to hear/read of so many Republicans announcing early on that they would never support the nominee if it was Donald Trump.

Why was it okay for ME to be a good Republican and enthusiastically support John McCain and Mitt Romney even if I preferred another nominee, but it’s not okay for the GOP establishment (and other Republicans) to support Donald Trump if he gets the nomination?

Even if Trump loses Wisconsin, most of the remaining primaries are in states friendly to his candidacy. I am personally disgusted with how the GOP establishment has treated Donald Trump. If any other candidate was holding rallies with 15,000 – 25,000 attendees, displaying a commanding delegate lead, bringing in millions of new voters and espousing views that are important to the base, the GOP establishment would welcome him or her with open arms.

In conclusion, let’s all practice saying, “Madame President Hillary Clinton.”

Robin Itzler

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