Sunday, April 3, 2016


Plato: "No one is more hated than he who tells the truth" ......Especially God's truths....

God's Word spread exposes the darkness of people's words and actions. They don't want to be exposed as "bad," so they attack back using every weapon of the devil to smear and demean the truth teller, even using twisted wording to make the truth teller appear as the bad one, and they themselves as the "enlightened" victim.

That is how Satan uses his taken over and over. Once that soul chooses to walk away from God, Satan always takes his place. The poor soul thinks they are in charge of their choices and words and deeds alone. No, the tempter has entered their heart and mind and overtakes them. Satan eases in at first but once let in, he consumes a soul.

Be not deceived thinking you have it all under control without God's protection. That's Satan's lie to get in and destroy you. His cunning and deceptive army around you is always relentless in stealing your entire soul from you.... a slave, a soul chained and drugged by evil, yet they still proclaim, "I don't need God. I'll do it my way." THAT'S THE SELF-ABSORBED LIE SATAN HAS THEM BELIEVE: no, they are never alone, for the soul taker of darkness, the power of darkness, not flesh but dark spirit, overtakes them when God's barriers are torn down.

Ole Satan's a LIAR, folks, a talented, convincing, charming liar who knows exactly where your vulnerabilities are, where your "walls" are weak, where you opened the doors of your heart and mind making choices that God warned would create consequences that would not be good for you, your life, and those around you. It's a spiritual battle raging for you.... God in divine love who warns and lets you choose..... then Satan who connives and deceives to separate you from your Creator and Heavenly Father, making you think you don't need God and your own way is best.

God's truths are sure and firm and filled with His love unceasing. Satan's lies are your destruction, for his only goal is to separate you from your Heavenly Father God before Jesus returns and takes him to hell. Satan wants you with him and not with God. That's a truth with daily consequences, and yes, eternal consequences.

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