Sunday, April 3, 2016


World’s Most Evil and Lawless Institution? The Executive Branch of the U.S. Government

The courageous few who do not keep this secret, who try to break through to their fellow citizens about it, are marginalized and ignored by society at large.

 by Jane Redmond

LAWLESS America now.
The Obama administration ignores our laws when they want to. THAT IS THE OUTRAGE. And even more so are the democratic voters who choose their "freebies" over demanding the government adhere to laws and not impose their own will on the people. And the voter who keeps electing a representative to Congress who will not stand together against a lawless administration. 

Who is for WE THE PEOPLE any more? NOT YOUR GOVERNMENT today. They work their own will for their own thrills, and the ignorant citizen continues to be bought off with the distracting issues and manufactured chaos deflections while the WHOLE WHITE HOUSE is taken over by roaches and vipers and termites and rats who ARE DEVOURING the Constitution and Bill of Rights and any law that would STOP THEIR RISE. And you still think recycling or "going green" or transgender bathrooms, or a few bad cops, or being nice when bad people vow to kill you is the ultimate issues you should consider so you keep feeling good about yourself?

 Going to let the deceiver-in-chief continue to "scold" you when you don't do what he wants? Call you "bad" when you don't bow to everything he says is good, even when it is against the will of the people or against the law? And He tells you that is "not who we are" to get you into the guilt wagon and feel bad because you aren't doing what HE decides???? 

The imposter takes you there in your emotions so you don't focus on how they are destroying the foundation under your feet altogether. YOUR PROTECTION AS A FREE CITIZEN and UNDER JUSTICE FOR ALL is being STRIPPED AWAY from you. These renegades are ignoring law when they want and gaining power in their daily strikes on the Constitution, on your power as citizens. 

Shame on the voter who gives them power to cheat and break laws against us. Their children and our children and grandchildren will suffer under government rulers because they voted for transgender bathroom issues instead of voting out lawless gangs of cheaters and stealers of our PROTECTED POWER as free people and a lawful nation.

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