Sunday, March 13, 2016

Why Trump, Hillary & Bernie Won’t Bring Back US Factory Jobs

Progressive presidential candidates Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders each promise to bring back American factory jobs. They’re wrong about this on so many levels, that Scott Ott thought he would explain. Learn why no politician can make America Great Again.

Comments : 

1) The President can Make America Great Again by getting obstacles out of the way and letting innovators innovate.

2) We can be "greater" again, though, because we have gone well towards "the dark side" in terms of our ever-growing dependence and reliance on government instead of ourselves and each other. Trump may not be able to do what he says directly, but having an actual positively acting leader who isn't apologizing and is on our side could do a lot to facilitate the masculinity of our country.

Do I support Trump? Not really. But I'm sick of the same old cr*p from those who promise that they have my and America's interest in mind and then don't act like it. I really do think that we need to think actively about being great again, even if in the grand scheme we are already great, because we could be so much more.

3) Trump and Hillary are opposite sides of the same egomaniacal coin.

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