Tuesday, March 1, 2016

As Super Tuesday looms, Sanders faces hard realities of delegate numbers

The senator from Vermont has become Hillary Clinton’s chief rival in the contest for the Democratic nomination.

FORT COLLINS, COLO. — Bernie Sanders packed another campaign rally here Sunday night with the kind of display of enthusiasm that he hopes will power him to a series of victories on Super Tuesday. But for the senator from Vermont, Tuesday also could be the day he begins to feel the bracing realities of the Democratic presidential nominating process.
If Hillary Clinton’s landslide victory in South Carolina on Saturday marked a psychological turning point for her in the Democratic race, Super Tuesday could prove to be the first sign of a mathematical turning point. If she builds on Saturday with a series of victories in Southern primaries, she will emerge with her small lead in pledged delegates increased. And soon, the rules of the nominating process will begin to work decisively in her favor.

The Democratic rules, which allocate delegates on a proportional basis, are designed to keep the pledged delegate count relatively close as the early process unfolds. Some would say they actually help candidates who lose early contests. Once someone gains a lead, it becomes increasingly difficult for a challenger to make up that ground. Continue Reading:>>>>Here

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