Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Letter to Donald Trump asking Him ???

Mr. Trump, shine the light of the day on the Social Security issue:

James E Gries

How in the HELL, have you gotten this far in your campaign, and not shone the light of the day on the issue of the day? That is the theft of middle class working American’s EXCESS Social Security retirement $ contributions – 2.7 TRILLION $ to date, and rising.

Are you willing to by way of silence continue to bless the DC establishment’s use of our EXCESS Social Security retirement $ contributions to finance wars, fund earmarks, and hand out political favors that keep the income, and corporate tax rates of the more fortunate artificially low?

Mr. Trump, you’ve called everybody out about everything, except this one thing that’s destroying middle class Americans their families, and the communities they call home; Cruz, Rubio, Kasich – They’ve all turned their back on this issue. NOW why in the HELL aren’t you raising your voice??

MR. TRUMP, It’s time to played your TRUMP card, and sent a loud clear message to the DC establishment, and their political party pimps. That message is “Bring our retirement $ back to main street America”. It’s time to BREAK FREE – It is the Art Of A “REAL DEAL”

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Bringing Social Security tax dollars back to main street America

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