Tuesday, February 23, 2016

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Unfinished Patchwork Quilt

Years ago I was babysitting my granddaughter. We were coloring in her coloring book on a page with the map of United States. It was titled, "Patchwork Quilt." but before we finished her parents came back and insisted she had to leave so I told her I will leave it unfinished until she visits again. After she left I stared at the page and thought of the deplorable things happening in America. That inspired me to write this poem. Unfinished Patchwork Quilt
by Pearl Sturgis

My Country's like a Patchwork Quilt
God spread from State to state.
Brought forth by His own Providence.
'T'was God who made it great...
But strangers crept in unaware...
to skilfully detach..
While good men slept they sowed tares
through each and every patch.
As this unfinished Patchwork Quilt,
So is my Native Land...
Moved only by her Maker...
and mended by His hand.

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