Saturday, December 19, 2015

Saving America Let's Right The Wrong :

Save America Arrest Barack Hussein Obama !!!

 Who is he ?

Do we really know ?

Why has it gone this far?
Why hasn't he been impeached and arrested ? 

I guess many people still don't understand the true nature and extent of the betrayal that is going on in our country. You prefer to trust the media types like Rush Limbaugh who carried water for George W. Bush for eight years while he got very rich off our stupidity, or Mark Levin who keeps pushing his books and his idea for a Convention of the States when the Constitution is not the problem... 

The people in power who don't like the Constitution are the problem..
You can't fix what's wrong with America by breaking the Constitution. 
The fact that so many people believe that the end justifies the means and they are willing to break the Constitution in order to get whatever it is or WHOEVER it is they want IS PART OF THE PROBLEM!
That is just what the Democrats did when they elected Barack Obama...

by Bill Sharpe

Just How ...You Ask...

The only way to stop this government, short of a revolution is to stop funding it!

You ask how does the average American citizen do this, it's not easy, the only way for us to defund the government is that we need to stop supporting it, we need to stop working !!!

If every American citizen was to stop working for two weeks let's say, no one shows up for work, we stop all production of everything, mass transit, all utility workers, and everybody who cares about their future, their families and all things that matter to you, it's the only way we can make ourselves heard short of civil war, if were not willing to stop this government, then we are the catalyst for the success in destroying ourselves !

No people ever won or secured their freedoms by condoning the acts of an oppressor, or dictatorship, it's not until the people say NO! NO MORE ! That they start to regain her freedoms.

I don't know about you, but to me what makes an American, is not the color of my skin, not the color of my eyes, it's not the color my hair, it's not where you're born !

What makes you an American is your belief, you believe in the freedom of your spirit and your soul, that's what makes an Americans !

If we keep working to build this evil and supporting this evil, then we will only produce evil, if we want to better world and country it starts with each and every one of us, if the spirit of America is not in your soul, you will never be an American, if the freedom of life and spirit is not in you, you are not an American.

We are all the children of our forefathers of this nation, it's time we start acting like it.

Stopping this tyranny in this country starts with each and every one of us !!! 

When are we going to stop aiding and abetting our enemies to our own demise, it's time to kill this monster, it's time for US to be the slayer of this evil demon, that we call government !!! 

If the rich elitist, cannot buy anything with their money, the services of the people, they have no power !!!

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