Thursday, December 17, 2015



 "South Carolina, What Have You Done??? 

 He scales the heights of insufferability. South Carolina has seen fit to keep sending him back to the Senate. Why? I just cannot fathom Every time this idiot opens his mouth I cringe. I so despise this Lindsay Graham He comes across as so sanctimonious.

 His idol is John McCain. Maybe this explains why the Senator from the 'Palmetto State' is such a royal pain He actually is running for the Presidency. His poll numbers are so damn low it measures in the negative He is a RINO of RINOS. He is so disparaging of anyone who is politically conservative But this 'goober' reserves his hatred for Donald Trump. 

He goes on and on with his harangue Just listening to this piece of you know what gives me a headache with his annoying twang Since he's been set free from McCain's anus he has been so damn annoying I've got to tell ya The only other one who loves more to be in front of a camera is that reprehensible Senator from New York, Chuck Schumer I beg of you, South Carolina, please don't re elect this goober again. We just cannot take him anymore This man is so full of himself and I don't know why.

 He is without a doubt a most insufferable bore

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