Failure of Intelligence: How Liberals Cause ISIS Terror Attacks

Yes. American tolerance is what the terrorists like to exploit. Blind tolerance helps their cause and gets us killed......

Exactly. There are some things we must not tolerate for our own safety, ethics, conscience and spiritual well being. We need to be discriminating (having or showing good judgment) about what we are going to be tolerant of, because not everyone deserves to be tolerated. Tolerance is something you earn from people, based on your actions, not just what you say. That can also be said of respect. Too many people now think respect and tolerance are rights that are owed to them, regardless if they did anything to deserve them and even did things to not deserve them. So, you are correct. American tolerance, without discerning between right and wrong, will be the foundation of our downfall.

Bill Whittle has perfectly described why Islam is so successful!! They do exactly what they say they will do!!! We just don't listen!!

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