Thursday, November 12, 2015


"More Thoughts On The GOP Debate"

 It's been close to 24 hours since we had the GOP debate. The candidates are still spinning America would like to know which of these candidates will wind up winning One thing has become very clear and It's what everyone pretty much expected Yes, it's about Jeb Bush W's baby bro is very close to be thoroughly rejected His supporters keep saying that it's too early. The people haven't voted. Give the guy a chance I say the hell with that.

 It's time to start that Jeb Bush Death Dance!!! Marco Rubio is benefiting from Jeb's downfall. The donor class will pour money into his campaign Bring out a case of Poland Spring water. Marco prefers that to champagne Can somebody bring duct tape to the next Republican Debate?? John Kasich's mouth must be taped. He talks so damn much. Hearing him go on and on I truly hate If Dr. Carson speaks any softer it will put America to sleep. 

He as President I really cannot see But then maybe after 8 years of Obama it may be time for a 'Sominex' Presidency And to Carly Fiorina I say that we will most certainly take our Government back We like it when she takes on dastardly Hillary. Go get her, Ms Fiorina, attack, attack, attack I have to say Rand Paul did much better than anyone might have thought. He was animated for a change. It surprised me a bit But his poll numbers will not change. 

It will remain a single digit And that leaves my two favorites, Mr. Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz Let's have them as a Ticket. Another Presidential election we just cannot afford to lose

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