Sunday, November 6, 2016

Daily Bites of Global Government Control #2:Weapon of Truth

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Weapon of Truth:

The New American , P.O. Box 8040, Appleton, WI 54913 (volume 12 #19 Publisher John F. McManus. That Freedom should not perish!
The Insiders: 

Writing in the July17,1926 issue of the Saturday Evening Post the Arthur D. Howden Smith presented a profile of a perplexing, baffling man named Colonel Edward Mandell House. Although few Americans knew much about House., the austere Texan played a decisive role in many of the most important policy decisions made by President Woodrow Wilson. On more than one occasion Wilson described House as his “silent partner”...”his second personality, and “his independent self.” Although this relationship would eventually disintegrate under the stress of political disappointment, during the 8 years of the Wilson Administration the president maintained of House that---”his thoughts and mine are one.

” Arthur Howden Smith (the author) recounted that during and after World War 1 House and Wilson had dreamed great dreams of modeling civilization anew. Dreams that would collide abruptly with reality when the Senate refused to approve the U.S. enrollment in the League of Nations. Following this defeat Smith records: Mr. House returned from Paris to New York heartbroken and disappointed to despair over the failure of his ambition to make his country the balance wheel of the New World Order.

(to be continued)
Second Try
To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of Global Government Control Series

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