Monday, November 16, 2015



 "Hey, Barack, Got A Moment??

 Do you still believe that strict control stop mass shootings?? I doubt what happened in Paris will change your mind Don't you think that ISIS may well be the deadliest junior varsity team that you will ever find?? It's nice to hear you say that you have them under containment. 

Can we now breathe a sigh of relief? All I know that it must shame the entire military to have you as their Commander in Chief Still think that allowing 100,000 Syrian refugees in this country is a very good idea?? Probably so. For you would love to do what we don't want. 

It brings you lots of cheer Didn't you at one time declare that the war was over?? You said it repeatedly But the enemy doesn't think it. They're itching to blow up our country Why do you always seem to say the police are the problem? You criticize them every chance you get. 

It is so detestable It shouldn't be that surprising. You can't help being so reprehensible Still think that ISLAM had nothing to do with the horrendous attacks that occurred?? I'm positive we know your answer to that question Yes, we know Islam is a religion of peace. 

These savages are just mere criminals causing this devastation The world is spinning out of control and you really don't give a flying F$$K You are just one cold hearted bastard that gives free reign to these barbarians to run amok

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