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Global Strong Cities Cold War: Series 5,:“Defining our Social Decline”, Bite #5, Ridiculing Morality

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Global Strong Cities Cold War,
Series #5

 “Defining our Social Decline”


Citizens Commission of Human Rights International, 6362 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite B, Los Angeles, California 90028 , PH#1 800 869 2247 or 213 467 4242 

Daily Bites of Global Strong Citizens Cold War: Series 5 Defining our Social Decline”  Published as a Public Service by Citizens Commission for Human Rights:
Daily Bites of Citizens Commission of Human Rights International

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Bite #5, Ridiculing Morality:
Citizens Commission for Human Rights: (a public service booklet) 

Morals have almost fallen into disuse in many strata of society. It is increasingly difficult for mankind generally, let alone younger generations, to adhere to sound moral principles without being ridiculed or censored. Individuals with high morals or integrity will often find themselves being cut down to the level of the rest of the group. this is especially true since the turbulent 60’s when psychological and psychiatric intervention and influence in society stepped up through government appropriations. 

As early as 1968 Author Gary Allen gave an incisive description of how the moral disintegration was achieved through “Sensitivity Training.” After confessing this wrong doings one is apt to believe that his own deeds weren’t so bad after all, causing him to accept lower moral standards. After such brutal criticism of one’s home and family, friends, religion, attitudes, beliefs, and ideas, one is apt to doubt that he has any values, ideals, or beliefs worth keeping or defending. 

In short, “Sensitivity Training” produces change by aligning loyalties away from the family, home, church, and coworkers. Participants are forced into making an awful choice: either morality or moral disobedience! Author Gary Allen: Gary Allen was so uncannily prophetic concerning our current and future crisis! 

 (to be continued) ....

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(To be continued )
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Global Strong Cities Cold War series 5Defining our Social Decline” :

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To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of  Global Strong Cities Cold War,series #5   “Defining our Social Decline” 

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