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Enemies of Israel: by Mike Evans
From the desk of PL Sturgis

I’ve been to Israel many times before but I’ve never had a trip to Israel more powerfully move me than this latest one did. Never before have I seen a display in God’s Blessing like I saw during the celebration of Yom Yerushalayim and the 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Holy City.

The Enemies of Israel: written by Dr. Michael Evans: Highlights and excerpts submitted by PL Sturgis from Friends of Zion Magazine. (July 2017)

#1) Two Primary Enemies:

#2) Same Evil Spirit:

#3) The Humanist View:

#4) Renaming the area from Philistines to Palestine:

#5) Breaking the Strong Arm of Humanism:

Enemies of Israel: by Mike Evans:
 #1) Two Primary Enemies:

I believe that Israel has two primary enemies in our world today. Islam and humanism: Islam is the more obvious because it comes from without. We have examined its relentless attacks on the city of Jerusalem through the ages. Humanism, on the other hand, is vastly more subtle because it comes in the guise of sounding more reasonable and “tolerant.” This satanic projectile of deception was first launched at Jerusalem by Alexander the great in the form of Hellenism. It is interesting to note that Alexander, like Mohammed, also reportedly had a demonic encounter that changed his life. Alexander made a sojourn into the remote Libyan desert to visit the temple and oracle of Zeus Ammon. The oracle, nothing more than a demon spirit, convinced Alexander he was the son of the Greek god Zeus and would, as such, conquer the world. Hellenism, the acceptance of Greek culture, including humanistic beliefs, became so popular in Jerusalem that it almost destroyed God’s people from within. Many who had remained in Judah were concerned about the impact of Hellenism on the Jewish people. A movement against the Hellenists surfaced and expressed concern about materialism, including nudity in the gymnasiums and the disregard of Jewish observances. The more pious Jews, the Hasidim, were prepared to stand up for their beliefs. Under Antioch IV Epiphanes, scores died for the faith they were willing to defend. 

 #2) Same Evil Spirit:

Today this same evil spirit has a vice like grip on government leaders throughout the western world. It is expressed in terms such as: “negotiated settlements” and “mediation for a just and lasting peace between Jews and Arabs.” The real purpose is to strip ownership of Jerusalem from the Jewish people and give it to the Arabs. Were this to happen Jerusalem would again be trodden underfoot by the Gentiles. Jesus is not returning to a Jerusalem controlled by the Muslims or a tri-partite commission! If Satan could he would prevent the return of Messiah by wielding his sword of destruction through the Biblical prophecies. Satan has launched the two darts of Islam and Humanism toward the very heart and soul of Jerusalem in order to bring the city back under Arab Gentile rule and thwart the return of Jesus, the Messiah. Islam is the demonic religious order that works in concert with humanism deceiving and pressuring international leaders to reject Biblical prophecy as inconsequential and superstitious.---- And most important, as casting all the problems boiling in the cauldron that is the Middle East. (to be continued) The Humanist View:

 #3) The Humanistic View:

Some opine that if Israel would just admit that all this prophecy nonsense is just “extreme religious intolerance” and give up Jerusalem, “share” her Land with the rest of the world and be assimilated into the world’s population as before, or form a Jewish state, say in the United States, then all the world’s troubles would disappear. That is the humanistic view. It completely denies that the Bible is the word of God and that the prophecies about Israel are absolute truth and the God of the Bible will bring them to pass. In the past almost seven decades, Jerusalem has been brought from the background of prophetic events onto the center stage of history’s most dramatic conflict. Her bloody and brutal chronicle did not end with the rebirth of the nation on May 14,1948. Quite the contrary, the attacks have only become more diabolical and the importance of the assault has moved from the dusty back roads of an ancient Land to the world arena. In one of my numerous conversations with Prime Minister Begin, I asked him to speak on the subject of what the world calls “the occupied territories.” He began by sharing his first meeting with President Jimmy Carter. “We were in the cabinet room and President Carter asked me a question which had a very negative statement. He said the settlements were illegal. I had prepared a counter question to propose to him. I was ready with a prepared improvisation. I had asked our Embassy in Washington DC to ready a list of American cities: Bethlehem, Hebron, Shiloh and Bethel: I showed my long list to President Carter and asked him if he could imagine the governor of Pennsylvania proclaiming that anyone could live in the city of Bethlehem except Jews? President Carter agreed that if a man did such a thing he would be guilty of racism. (to be continued) Renaming the area from Philistines to Palestine:

#4) Renaming the Area from Philistines to Palestine: by Mike Evans:

I was the governor of the state in which the original Bethlehem and the original Jericho, and the original Shiloh were located. Did he expect me to say that everybody could live in those cities except Jews? Of course he didn’t. It would be absurd. This Land we occupy is “Eretz Yisrael” The Land of Israel since the days of the Prophet Samuel 3000 years ago. We had a downfall later but even the Romans called us Judea until after the Barkokhba revolt in the second century. Then because the Jewish resistance had been so fierce and heroic, and because the Emperor Had suffered such severe casualties he decided to try to delete all memory of the connection between the people and the land. The Romans have done it in Carthage so why not here? So he renamed the area Syria “Palestinian....using the name of our ancient enemies, the Philistines. so the word “Palestine” came into all languages. Thus, the British Mandate after World War 1 used the words : “Recognition having been given to this historical connection between the Jewish people and Palestine.” In spite of Emperor Hadrian nobody forgot that it was our land. Every intelligent person understand that Palestine is a misnomer for the Land of Israel. We have a right to live in Judea and Samara but that does not mean we want to evict one Arab from his village or town. We never wanted to do that. As we know from history Jimmy Carter never did embrace Prime Minister Begin’s wisdom. (to be continued) Breaking the Strong Arm of Humanism:

#5) Breaking the Strong Arm of Humanism: by Mike Evans:

In 1982 Prime Minister Begin was slated to meet with President Reagan. Dr. Reuven Hecht, an adviser to Mr. Begin, called and asked if I could join them in New York City. The Prime Minister and Reuven were concerned about how the meeting with President Reagan would be conducted. Dr. Hecht told me Reagan thought that Begin was a hard headed Jew whose brains had been baked in the hot sand of the Middle East. He had heard from the attorney general that the meeting may not even take place. Finally Reuven told me about the proposed meeting with the president. he said the cabinet members will meet with the Prime Minister’s advisers. Then I asked if the President would even meet privately with the Prime Minister? Reuven replied that a fifteen minute session was scheduled. When the two men prayed together in our Oval Office good relations between our countries were restored. through the power of intercessory prayer and the courage of Bible believing people world wide, Ronald Reagan’s heart was changed. God has a prophetic plan for His people in this day and will use them to bring leadership in this nation to honor God and obey His Word. The strong arm of humanism can be broken by the faith filled prayers and actions of God’s people. Imagine, no longer would the President and his cabinet try to force Israel to the negotiating table to be humiliated by those who only seek her destruction. No longer would the one in the Oval Office seek to appease Arab wrath by offering Israel as a sacrificial lamb. They would believe God’s plan as outlined in His Word is for Jerusalem to be under Jewish control. 

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