Thursday, May 11, 2017

What's on my mind ?:05/11/17,"What does Israel contribute to America?

What's on my mind?
"What does Israel contribute to America?

by Heather Rose Lockwood

This is one of the most important summaries of recent global events and their origins which we would all do well to be very aware of... (Via Ryan Whitley and Debra Cox)

"What does Israel contribute to America? That is an easy one..

Rothschilds, who own Israel, criminally bankrupted us in 1868.. created the illegal tax system and the un-Federal Reserve to extort money to instigate, fund and profit from every side of nearly every war as they have since the Napoleonic Wars.. to bring about the New One World Order that John McCain said we'd had for 70 years coinciding with the creation of Israel in 1948..

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney said that every Congressman is forced to take a vow to Israel or they are forced out of Congress./. Late Congressman James Traficant said we give Israel 15 billion per year (most likely much higher now) plus pledges.. Jewish-selected Obama pledged 70 billion last year.. Traficant also said that we give every Israeli man, woman and child $30,000, but that number has recently reported to have jumped to $45,000..

There are many dual citizens in the government, one of whom is Jewish Senator from New York Chuck Schumer.. Many in our financial institutions, many surrounding 9/11..

Israel has attacked the United States 3 times in history that we know of: The Levon Affair, where they attacked our embassy in Egypt to get us into war with Egypt... the USS Liberty..where Israel attacked and tried to sink our ship, killing a number of our men and wounding a vast amount... and then of course 9/11..

Jewish Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former Marine and Professor at the US ARMY WAR COLLEGE, was one of the first whistleblowers stating that 9/11 was an Israeli Mossad operation...

9/11 accomplished several objectives..Trillions stolen.. Jewish Larry Silverstein collects double indemnity on the buildings, which had an asbestos problem or something..trilllions via the Pentagon, trillions to fund Sharia Compliant banks (7 trillion) like Goldman Sachs who fund organizations like CAIR who fund terrorism... See how that works? 9 trillion in an open check to the banks during the bailouts.. They took us into multi trillion dollar wars with 7 Arab countries lacking Rothschilds controlled banks, Rothschild/Murdock/Cheney oil and gas rob and murder millions of Arabs, creating millions of Arabs to invade the West..the Europeans, the UK and the US... These Muslims are to be our replacements. They plan to only allow a third of the Muslims who are to be left live in the West as slaves..Jews will inhabit the heavenly East..

They want massive world depopulation because they feel that we are using up too much water air and food..and they love their families we all..have to go.. No European types left on the earth.. This massive depopulation according to DEAGAL who gets their info from the IMF, the CIA and the UN has projected the US population to be 61 million by 2025..and the world's population to be 500 million..although they are talking it down to 250 million."

Such anyway is the intention (and current reality), which it is up to us to put an end to - and which we can only do by first acknowledging these facts (most of which are in the public record), and then coming up with workable ways to reverse this situation and remove these parasites from power before they reap any further harm...

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