Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Convention of States:Proposed

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The Fourth Branch - COA
Course of Action

Please take note, that although the goals of COS are laudable, the question remains.

What makes you think "they" are going to "listen" to us this time and follow the "rules" of ANY new amendment?

I have personally proposed 43 new Amendments to the existing document(s). I know that Jon Roland has proposed over thirty changes he would see made. The problem is that calling a convention with the stated goal of tying down the hands of Govco, Inc. to the edicts and restrictions of a document they are currently ignoring is bound to end up fruitless if we can't muster massive enforcement capabilities.

IE - The Militia - The Fourth Branch of governing "of, by and for the people". With an enforcement arm in place, we could repair the damage. We could address Article I, Section 2, Clause 3, of the Constitution. This would place over ten thousand new people in Congress, with not one Representative serving any more than thirty thousand constituents and assembling to pass laws for about 6 weeks a year and getting paid only for the days they work. That way ordinary citizens could serve and still keep their regular jobs if they wished. There would be:

*NO retirement bennies,
*NO special treatment under the law,
*NO bribery for access to great power,
*NO special privileges,
*NO special health plan,
*NO private schools,
*NO check floating,
*NO corruption of our voice.

Regular people would fill those seats and would have a very simple and small office placed within walking distance of every one of their constituents. They would only pass laws for 6 weeks of the year, barring any emergency sessions. They would be paid quite well compared to the national average and could easily afford to attend these sessions. After all there is very little for a "limited" government to do, so their work could easily be done within the prescribed 6 weeks.

To accomplish this I believe we need to distribute petitions within our own counties to elect ordinary people to address the need to fill these empty seats. In my County alone, there is a need for 23 new people to be seated. If we need to have an Article V Convention to get something done, then that's what we should do. But if this won't help them listen any better than they do now, then we're wasting our time.




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