Thursday, March 9, 2017

What's on my mind ?:03/09/17,THE NEW HEALTHCARE BILL-“fully repeals ObamaCare.”

What's on my mind?

by Michael Hutton.


What does full repeal mean? What should it mean? Here's my position. The Federal Government has no authority whatsoever to be involved with welfare of any kind. The enumerated powers in Article 1 Section 8 do not give the Fed Gov any such authority. The giant Federal bureaucracy we face with over 260 agencies and departments is operating beyond the bounds of the Federal limits. It should have NOTHING to do with welfare of any kind. We have permitted, little by little, for the Fed Gov to get involved in these affairs not minding the warning that when power is aggregated it is corrupted. Now we are facing tyranny that we've had to elect an outsider to attempt to stop. 

And even he is challenged by the MACHINE of the Federal Government.. once a thing is in their purview you can't remove it! PLEASE SEE THIS POINT! When the Fed Gov starts managing something it is impossible for them to pull out of it because the economy becomes hinged to their involvement. And the poison to see is that they should not have been involved in the first place! There's no reforming Obamacare.. and there should be repealed... with no replacement. 

The market should be unfettered so that true supply and demand can start dictating health care costs. The thing to see is bigger than 'repeal and replace'. The thing to see is TYRANNY because the Fed Gov is involved AT ALL.... when it has no authority to be! The only way we stop the forward march to tyranny is by restoring a Constitutional Republic of Sovereign States where there is no longer a centralized government trying to manage the affairs of ALL Americans!

The House GOP Leadership’s Health Care Bill Is ObamaCare-Lite — Or Worse

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised legislation that “fully repeals ObamaCare.” Monday night, the Republican leadership of the House of Representatives released legislation it claims would repeal and replace ObamaCare.

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