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Rep Waters Admits In Attacking Sessions To Force Trump Impeachment...

Rep Waters Admits Her Goal, stupid is as stupid does

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Rep Waters Admits Her Goal In Attacking Sessions Is To Force Trump Impeachment

What a shocker, Rep Maxine “Obscene” Waters, who was investigated for ethics violations regarding her husband’s OneUnited bank, with her chief of staff grandson being issued a letter of reproval by the House Ethics Committee, has now discovered the meaning of the term “conflict of interest.” She got away with denying one where it existed in her husband’s case and now she’s trying the opposite on her political opponent, alleging one where none exists.

Her target is the same man she smeared as a racist without any justification during his confirmation hearing, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and ultimately, President Trump. If ever Attorney General Sessions were tempted to be racist, there is not a better target than this nasty woman from California, but he’s not.

Waters opens the gaping hole on the front of her head and says of Sessions, “I think he should resign. I think he should get out. I think it has already been demonstrated that he’s too close to the President. He was one of the early supporters of the President and I think he supports lifting the sanctions.”

It’s interesting that being close to the President is someone interpreted by this dishonest piece of leftist trash as being a disqualifier from holding the office of Attorney General. Obama’s choice for Attorney General, Eric Holder, was a senior legal advisor to Hussein Obama during his 2008 presidential campaign and one of three members of Obama’s vice-presidential selection committee. No Republicans claimed they were too close, but they weren’t trying to impeach Obama, despite evidence he was not who he claimed to be.

Waters makes the laughable claim that all of these people around President Trump are focused on Russia when it’s the Democrats and establishment GOP that are beating that drum. President Trump would like to simply get on with repairing Obama’s damage. She says she thinks it is all about them trying to do favors for Russia and she’s entitled to her opinion, as idiotic and politically motivated as it may be. She’s not entitled to force our Attorney General or our President out of office because of what she thinks.

Her solution is to “step up to the plate,” which means to open the dinner plate size hole in the front of her face and flap those hideous lips of hers. She says “And we have to help explain to people what we think these connections are all about.” In other words, she’s giving herself license to make wild accusations based upon what she “thinks,” presenting it as fact.

Waters admits her goal is the impeachment of the President. Our President needs to get serious in dealing with these snakes and there’s no time to be wasted. The fake media is the enemy but they’re acting on behalf of this opposition. They’re all the enemy and the administration needs to adopt a war footing. President Trump needs to get aggressive and fight for his job, in a presidential manner, but do it as if the campaign were still underway.

The Democrats are still in campaign mode as far as their attacks on him are concerned, only they’ve increased since the election. If an appropriate response is not forthcoming the Democrats may succeed; then we all lose. Convene grand juries, indict Hillary Clinton, Hussein Obama and George Soros. That should be enough to keep em busy for a while.



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Uh oh! Maxine Waters Accidently Throws Obama Under The Bus

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) stated that she believes “there was a connection between Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russians” and “I think there is a trail, and I think that the Obama administration has done everything that it can possibly do…to make sure that enough people have seen some of the meetings and some of the connections, so that they have something to go on when the investigations are really underway.”

Waters said, “I’m going to continue to do my work, to do everything that I possibly can, to help connect the dots, to help encourage independent investigation or commission. I’m going to do everything that I can to keep my colleagues interested enough to want to fight to see exactly what happened. Because I believe that there was a connection between Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russians and the Kremlin. And I do believe that those connections are there for a reason. And I think that the work that has already been discovered, that was done, in order to have Trump, should be followed up. We shouldn’t say — let our intelligence agency say, yes we discovered that the DNC was hacked, and that efforts were made to help Trump in this campaign and to undermine Hillary Clinton, and that’s it. We don’t have to do anything else. No, this is serious and I think that we must continue this struggle to dig deeper, to drill deeper.”

She continued, “I think there is a trail, and I think that the Obama administration has done everything that it can possibly do, and that’s probably been verified somewhat by the New York Times, to make sure that enough people have seen some of the meetings and some of the connections, so that they have something to go on when the investigations are really underway.”

Waters added, “What we know is that, we can’t trust the AG. We can’t trust the FBI. We can’t trust Comey. We can’t trust Sessions, and so, we’ve got to get an independent overseer of some kind in here to get going with these investigations.”


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Get her the hell out of politics and jail obama and clinton. There’s enough criminals that already need to be removed, if for nothing else, their undeniable Hatred and disdain for most of the population, there job was working for the
Citizens of the US, but the new communist dictatorship of the leftover obama followers only concern is those with
The appropriate amount of zeros in their trust fund or the Hollywood greed income. I’m sick of the rich and stuck up
Snobs of America thinking their far superior because their income, when a really great people don’t need their money clip stuffed of money to validate them, they see themselves as blessed, again obama/clinton along with the Hollywood rich are not of that caliber, they are only a legend in their own mind, and the only ones that don’t or can’t understand that. DRAIN THE SWAMP, AND DON’T LET WATERS, OR PELOSI CLOG THE TOILET!

I don’t think that even high-THC pot could carry these “floaters” back to reality. Do they honestly believe that anyone other than their brain-dead, “useful idiots” would believe these baseless, ad hominem attacks had any substance? Where was the outrage from these ideological fools when Obama, Holder, and Hillary were actually committing impeachable offenses?

Waters needs to watch…keep her Foul Nasty…Crap dripping out of her Big Mouth SHUT along with ALL those other reprobates…Russia give us a break….they LOST they have NO power…BOO-HOO I am crying…such despicable, Disgusting humans.

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