Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The American Government has more evil than most realize!

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DHS Jihadi Jeh's Clinton Style Email Accounts Revealed By JW FOIA

As the information regarding the illegal activities of members of the Obama regime inevitably come to light, particularly with investigations and FOIA requests no longer subject to political obstructionism, the question becomes one not only of what did they do but what do we do with the information once it’s revealed. Will they be held accountable and will there be an effort to see where the corruption leads?

Former Homeland “Security” Secretary and anti-American subversive Jihadi Jeh Johnson is one of those who should soon be facing an inquiry, one in which his characteristic half-answers, word-parsing and claims of ignorance or broken promises of “I’ll get back to you with that” won’t be able to shield him as they once were.

Judicial Watch has once again gotten their hands on the goods, this time it’s 216 pages from DHS that reveals Clinton-style email “security” and the use of private, unsecured, webmail-based email accounts by Johnson and other top DHS officials on government computers at a time when the practice was prohibited. The information that was exchanged was described as sensitive and was heavily redacted in the response.

The accounts belonged to Jihadi Jeh Johnson, Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Chief of Staff Christian Marrone and General Counsel Stevan Bunnell and were also sent to government email accounts. The emails released reveal that:

The Kuwaiti ambassador to the US sent an email to Johnson’s unsecure email account attempting to set up a meeting for him with Kuwait’s Interior Ministry and discussing Kuwait’s Interior Minister’s having meetings with the heads of CIA, FBI and DNI.

The US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia emailed to Johnson’s unsecure email account, discussing Johnson’s upcoming meetings at the Saudi Interior Ministry in Jeddah.

DHS Chief of Staff Marrone held sensitive discussions with an unidentified individual regarding the earnings of Lockheed Martin and a space vehicle launch consortium between Lockheed and Boeing, which the sender said to “use wisely.” Marrone also received procurement documents related to launch vehicles and their “Launch Infrastructure Capability.”

Johnson gave a “Progress Report” speech in which he cited the Homeland Security Department’s “strides in cyber-security.”

An unidentified individual spoofed Johnson’s name and email account in a phishing scam, telling recipients that they could get money from “an abandoned fund worth U.S.D. 4.5 million in West Africa” if they would send back their personal details.

They noted that before the exit of the Obama regime, a federal court ordered DHS to preserve the emails Judicial Watch had sought. Judicial Watch argued, “A court order requiring preservation of these emails is particularly necessary now as DHS has suggested that these officials may have been acting without authorization by sending emails from these accounts … As such, there is no assurance that these officials will abide by a “request” by the agency to preserve these emails, particularly after their employment ends.”

The FOIA response uncovered proof of lying to Congress for which the guilty party should be prosecuted. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton also observed, “It is ironic and disconcerting that Secretary Johnson and his aides touted Homeland Security’s great ‘strides in cyber security’ while using unsecured, private, web-based email accounts that the Department had officially prohibited.

He noted, “The fact that the documents found in these email accounts were so heavily redacted and that Johnson’s name and email account were spoofed in a phishing scam is indicative of just how lax communications security was inside Homeland Security during the Obama administration.”



What the hell do they mean ” will they be held accountable ” !!! ARREST THE CRIMINALS THE ENTIRE OBAMA REGIME !!! How much more info and evidence do they need ??? Or should I ask how many more lives will it take !!! to bring these thugs to justice

Jihadi Jeh Johnson—-I’ve always believed that this JERK was a real Azz-Hole—And now it has been verified !

The cesspool of corruption is putrid and deep, with lots of leftist “floaters” in the Democrat party; so just draining the swamp will not be sufficient to remove the stench. (There’s not enough cat litter and Febreeze in DC to cover it all up.)

The American Government has been more evil than most realize!

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