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POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : 02/03/17,"Promises Kept!!" & "A Self Inflicted Mortal Wound!!"

by Joe Esposito


"Promises Kept!!" & "A Self Inflicted Mortal Wound!!"

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag: “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”, I pledge my allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, Amen !


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"Promises Kept!!"

The Trump Administration is two weeks old and we are very pleased with our DON. He's moving at a dizzying pace and to that we say RIGHT ON! This is the first time in memory that a new President has not been accorded a 'honeymoon'. We are seeing that his political enemies find in anything that he does something to impugn. Only a handful of his Cabinet has been confirmed thus far and that is as frustrating as can be. In fact it has been the fewest since 1933. Through it all we see him persevere. He has unbridled energy. The DON is determined to keep every promise he has made. Our country is so in dire need of a successful Presidency.

He has tackled the 'hot button' issues like energy, abortion, immigration and that has brought scorn upon him by the special interests. The Democrats are committed to trying to block him at every turn. So obstinate and utterly recalcitrant are they. Their stalling tactics in the Senate is breathtaking. We are seeing intense partisanship at play. The media will not give him any credit for keeping his word for his word is bond. We, his most ardent supporters, trust him completely. He is unique. From a Donald Trump there is little chance that we will be conned.

If these two weeks are any indication we can expect an even more furry of activity. With or without the Democrats the DON'S agenda will go through. In both the House and Senate the GOP has a majority. Let's see how well they can do. The expectation is that they can and will accomplish much and we are sure to have Justice Scalia's replacement in tow my April. He is a highly qualified jurist by the name of Neil Gorsuch.

The Republicans will be well served to remember that it was Donald Trump who saved their party. If not for him they would have been in the wilderness for Lord knows how long. No other of their many candidates could have led them to victory. He was the only one. About that I am not wrong. The shock still has not set in. Ask any Democrat but you really don't need to. Every day we are reminded of that. Their derangement is in full view. Irrelevant is what they are determined to be. As for our DON he remain focused on keeping the promises that he made. Today he begins week three.


"A Self Inflicted Mortal Wound!!"

If these Democrats think that their perpetual outrage at everything that this Administration does and says is playing well with the electorate they are sadly mistaken. Their outright hostility has been nonstop. Sanity has been completely forsaken. It is a political party that is unraveling before our eyes and it is a little disturbing to see. They may not like it but Donald Trump is President. For the next four years he'll occupy the Oval Office. There is where he will be. Many are calling what is ailing them is TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME. If they don't find a cure for this their minority status in our Congress will be their permanent home.

For two weeks now Chuckie and Nancy have taken a posture of relentless, immovable and vitriolic opposition as they assail our DON at every turn. This does play extremely well with their disgusting base. From the results of the recent election little did they learn. The hard working men and women in Middle America find their behavior a damn disgrace. If these idiots 'cry wolf' constantly the effect of their urgency will little impact. Everything is overblown to an extreme. Is there no limit to their pettiness and smallness I ask you? Methinks not. From what I am hearing they are organizing a State of the Union boycott!

With the President's approval rating at over fifty percent the intense outrage at our DON by this 'Party Of NO!" does not mirror the way the country feels overall. But still they find ways to disrupt but in the end it might very well be them not him who will ultimately fall. The Democrats are in such disarray. The DNC still has not elected a Chairperson. But things can really get worse for the leading candidate is Keith Ellison. He has a checkered background with ties to Louis Farrakhan and the Muslim Brotherhood. Can you believe this insanity? The end is fast approaching for these mindless obstructionists. It is coming very rapidly.

Apparently they have not learned their lesson from this election loss. In Congress they apparently are determined to stay in the minority. Need proof?? Their caucus leadership is still in the hands of that brainless twit, Nancy Pelosi. George Soros will still pull the strings more than ever. It is his bidding they will continue to do as they will further move Left and off a cliff they will surely go. It's a death wish they have and their radicalism will soon bury them. Mark my words. This will be so.

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