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Without Voter Fraud, Hillary Clinton would not have won one State...

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Without Voter Fraud, Hillary Clinton would not have won one State, investigate the DNC's Voter Fraud and the Illegal Aliens vote in each State Hillary won.

Investigate the Voter Fraud and Illegal Aliens voting in each State Hillary won.

Investigate the people that are the Democratic Party, CAIR, the Black Lives Matter Movement, the New Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam, the Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood include these guys in a RICO investigation of Barack Obama's Illegal Aliens voting in 2016, the guys that were ACORN and Include George Soros' Corporations and NGO's in the RICO investigation and our National Endowment for Democracy, Obama's Administration, and our CIA.

Why wouldn't there be a huge amount of Election Fraud, the criminals who gave us election fraud in 2008 and 2012 never went to prison, they are the DNC, they gave us Voter Fraud in Election 2016..…/hamas-linked-cairs-nihad-awad-…

CAIR is Hamas, Hamas is Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR works with Black LIves Matter, they are all Terrorists.…/2184374-moveon-calls-for-pr…/ belongs to George Soros.…/video-president-ba…

Barack Obama telling the Illegal Aliens to vote was Treason.

ACORN was a huge Conspiracy that involved most of the DNC, It would have been the most horrible Scandal in Politics anywhere in the World if the Criminal Monsters of ACORN all were shipped to Prison or GITMO. The Election Fraud in Election 2012 was the Election Fraud by the DNC and by the Criminal Traitor Obama telling the Illegal Aliens to vote.…/the-case-for-acorn-as-a-criminal-en…

The CIA is telling us Russia stole the Election.

We lived through the Election.

We know what happened, we were here..

Obama's Speeches and Obama's Policies defeated the Witch.

Let's talk about the CIA, the agency set up to spread lies or disinformation to our enemies, not set up to investigate inside the United States

This is what our Media, the United Nations, our CIA, and Obama do not want Independent Journalilsts to tell the world.

This is want Fake News is, you lived through a lot of it, it is only History and what is happening in our world today.…/new-york-acorn-front-group-based-new-orl…/

The Criminal Conspiracy ended with out the Monsters of ACORN going to prison and they infiltrated other groups many support with Taxpayer Dollars and all part of the DNC.…/house-oversight-committee-concludes-acor…/…/the-sinister-soros-acorn-connect…/

A 2004 article from the UK’s The Independent noted the inevitable passing of the torch that occurs when businesses and large sums of money are at stake.

George Soros, the 74-year-old billionaire investor and philanthropist, has promoted his two sons, Robert and Jonathan, to senior positions within his fund management business, signalling his desire to put succession plans in place.

A memo sent to investors in the company, which has $12.8bn under management, said Robert Soros, 41, had been named chief investment officer, and Jonathan Soros, 34, had been appointed as co-deputy chairman of Soros Fund Management.
Before the Tea Party movement and Glenn Beck, students earning “liberal arts” degrees across the country would hear their professor joke that according to the Right, George Soros was behind every liberal conspiracy out there. However, most Americans have only recently become aware of the man that is Soros.

George Soros and his NGO's and Corporations are pouring money into Activists and Terrorists every where our National Endowment for Democracy, our CIA, and our State Department are working to cause Activists and Terrorists to work against the Government. Places like the nations of the old U.S.S.R like Georgia and the Ukraine, the nations our Administration does not get along with in the Middle East, Africa, and South America. Our Administration does not want George Soros or his NGO's to have their Assets Seized, they work with him.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) was a grassroots political organization that grew out of George Wiley's National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO), whose members in the late 1960s and early 1970s invaded welfare offices across the U.S. -- often violently -- bullying social workers and loudly demanding every penny to which the law "entitled" them. In the late sixties, ACORN co-founder Wade Rathke was an NWRO organizer and a protegé of Wiley. Rathke also organized a draft-resistance campaign for the militant group Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) during the same period.

What the heck brought ACORN down?

They broke up the Criminal Conspiracy but it's many heads did not go to Prison.

You don't remember ACORN.

Was the largest radical group in America, with more than 400,000 dues-paying member families and more than 1,200 chapters in 110 U.S. cities as of 2008

Where are the heads of these 1,200 and who protected them from being sent off to prison by a RICO Investigation?

Was widely implicated in voter-registration fraud, vote-rigging, voter intimidation, and vote-for-pay scams

Why didn't all these guys go to prison?

Pressured banks to lend money to underqualified minority borrowers
Maintained close ties to organized labor
Opposed capitalism
Favored a government monopoly in healthcare
Advocated an open-door immigration policy
Disbanded as a national entity in 2010, but continued thereafter, in the form of state-level groups bearing a variety of different names, to pursue its radical agendas

Instead of going to prison, they slithered away and began new Democratic Left Wing Organizations or infiltrated Organizations supporting Socialism or the DNC.…/huuuge-nevada-voter…

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 16, 2009 ( - Exposing pro-abortion university health clinics and Planned Parenthood's criminal cover-up of child rape were the first major sting operations of undercover investigator James O'Keefe, who is now famous for exposing the systemic corruption within ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. ACORN is one of the "community organizer" groups closely affiliated with President Barack Obama, which helped him capture the presidency; but the group now has been exposed for having officials willing to abet fraud and child sex trafficking.…/pro-life-live-action-investi……/former-acorn-chief-backs-hillary-clint…/

Hilary was deeply influenced by a 1966 article titled "Change or Containment," which appeared in Motive, a magazine for college-age Methodists. Authored by the Marxist/Maoist theoretician Carl Oglesby, who was a leader of the Students for a Democratic Society, this piece defended Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro, and Maoist tactics of violence. Its thesis was that "certain cultural settings" (most notably American capitalism) were inherently inequitable and oppressive, and thus caused people to feel "pain and rage" that sometimes erupted into violence -- like that of "the rioters in Watts or Harlem" -- which was "reactive and provoked" rather than aggressive or malicious. Hillary later said that the Motive article had played a key role in her metamorphosis from Goldwater Republican in 1964 to leftist Democrat in 1968. During her years as First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Clinton would tell a Newsweek reporter that she still treasured the Oglesby piece.

ACORN 1970–1975

Wade Rathke founded ACORN in 1970, after the National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO) sent him to Little Rock, Arkansas, as an organizer.[54] Rathke had previously dropped out of Williams College to promote draft resistance for Students for a Democratic Society. Gary Delgado and George Wiley were also instrumental in its founding. ACORN's first campaign was to help welfare recipients attain their basic needs, such as clothing and furniture. This drive, inspired by a clause in the Arkansas welfare laws, began their effort to create and sustain a movement to assist welfare and lower-income working individuals; they developed the Arkansas Community Organizations for Reform Now, the beginnings of ACORN.
ACORN's goal was to "unite welfare recipients with needy working people around issues such as school lunches, unemployment, Vietnam veterans' rights, and emergency room care."

ACORN and the Clinton's and their Criminal Organization's birth.…/clinton-fixer-hillarys-affair-with-vi…/…/acorn-offshoots-operating-key-…/

Where are the Criminals from ACORN today?

Not in prison where they should be.…/acorn-offshoots-operating-key-…/

Mayor de Blasio may be starting to feel “left’’ out.

While he’s playing hard to get by holding off on endorsing Hillary Rodham Clinton for president, lefty pal Bertha Lewis — the former head of ACORN and a longtime powerful voice of progressivism in New York City — says she’s “ready for Hillary.”

“I’m on board,” Lewis told The Post. “I don’t know why you wouldn’t support her.”

Lewis was an early backer of fellow Brooklynite de Blasio’s run for mayor when he was trailing in the polls. She supported his runs for City Council and had championed him to become council speaker.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, deservedly has received enormous amounts of bad press over the past couple years. The New Orleans-based nonprofit network of radical activists, with hundreds of affiliates in more than 40 states, has been at the center of investigations into voter registration fraud, unauthorized use of taxpayer funds for lobbying and other forms of partisan politics, phony tax filings, and an embezzlement scandal that cost its founder and chief organizer his job a little over a year ago. Now a key Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives has weighed in, releasing last week the results of a full-length probe by committee staffers. The report concludes that ACORN fits the definition of a criminal enterprise under the Racketeer Influenced and Corruption Organizations Act (RICO). That’s especially ominous in light of the group’s imminent huge boost in federal subsidies in the Obama era.

On Thursday, July 23, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., Ranking Minority Member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, released an 88-page report, “Is ACORN Intentionally Structured as a Criminal Enterprise?”

The Criminal Conspiracy of ACORN ended with out the Monsters behind it going to Prison.…/obama_likely_won_reelection_through_e……/the-benghazi-secrets-w…/

There is not a Statute of Limitations on Treason and Murder.

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