Monday, January 30, 2017

What's on my mind ?:01/30/17,Inauguration Day

What's on my mind?
 Inauguration Day:


My home notes on Inauguration Day: "I sincerely hope God is guiding our new president. I know the things he promised to do are the things we need to happen. I did resent it when close friends and relatives would accuse me of wanting hillary because I quoted trump on things I heard but I now do forgive them. Please forgive me for watching him to see if what he promised is what he will do. he is going to find even if he is dead serious, as Reagan said, "It's hard to clean the swamp with so many alligators snapping at your heels." Now it is afternoon, January 20,2017 and oath of office has been taken. That was a wonderful speech all about the power of the people. Now we wait for the real work. I want my president to be a servant of the people and not a king who won't work with congress. (wimpy as they are) Nothing personal but I will support any president who is a servant of our republican government controlled by the people, of the people and for the people in this Judeo Christian nation which will always be "One Nation Under God" Now let me disperse this comical rumor that I am a senator or a delegate. I am a poor widow living on my own social security money which I paid in every week on practically minimum wage for 50 years.

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