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Dear Ms. Streep,

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First I want to say that I admire your pictures very much. You are a brilliant actress.
And I admire your involvement and concern - as well as your desire to see compassion and decency in our elected officials - compassion is such an important leadership quality which is sorely lacking in many who hold positions of power and influence.
During the Golden Globe Awards you chose to use your very huge international microphone to criticize and demonize President Elect Donald Trump before millions of people around the world.

You accused him of mocking a disabled person — a terrible thing to do - a charge which he vehemently denies.
Whether he had ill intentions in the instance in question is between him and G-d.

I do share your belief that disabled people are a very special gift — and require a very special brand of love.
Now that you have inserted your remarks into the global marketplace of ideas — I hope you will open your heart - and your mind - to some other ideas.
I have to say I do not understand what was behind your decision to use this very loud international microphone - to launch a personal attack on the President Elect of the United States of America at a time when his credibility and reputation is so important to the security and well being of all Americans.

It seems like you were intent on shooting the messenger without even giving him a chance to lead.
I think we as human beings are at our most compassionate when we give others the benefit of the doubt; when we look for the good not the bad in others — and when we forgive and move on for the positive benefit of all.

Also, given your desire for compassionate leadership - I am even more curious why you are quick to attack our President Elect for one gesture he made - while turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to great atrocities of our time which resulted in the tremendous suffering and horrific death of hundreds of thousands of people throughout the Middle East and around the globe.

I did not see you use your fame to attack the Obama Administration as it allowed Iranian regime and its Syrian protege to brutally murder 400,000 Syrian men, women and children through the use of barrel bombs and chemical weapons.

I did not see you use your fame question the Obama Administration - after it deliberately misled the American people -and proceeded to legitimize, embolden and enrich the murderous tyrants that control the people of the Islamic Republic of Iran - a regime that stones and denigrates women, prohibits homosexuality and hangs gays, executes children, imprisons journalists and amputates fingers — causing disability.

This is also a regime whose Supreme leader that has been very clear about his intention to annihilate the state of Israel in his books, speeches, tweets - and even on his intercontinental ballistic missiles which are inscribed with the words “wipe Israel away” in Hebrew.

I did not see you use your fame to question the Obama Administration as it furtively enabled the financing of the brutal tyranny in Iran to the tune of at least $150 billion - money which is being used to murder Christians, Muslims and Jews alike - and to fund its nuclear and ballistic missile programs. cyberattacks against us - and terrorism and genocide around the globe.

I did not see you question the Obama Administration for, under the guise of “peace” - legitimizing enriching and rewarding the Iranian sponsored terrorist groups Hamas and Fatah who teach hatred in their classrooms and popular media, reward and glorify the intentional maiming and murder of innocents - including infants and toddlers.
What a wasted opportunity to speak before millions of people around the globe.

You could have expressed words of love to the Syrian people, the freedom seeking people in Iran and the victims of radical Islamic genocide and terror throughout the Middle East, at home and around the world, including the 4 young Israelis who were murdered and the 17 who were injured in a horrific vehicular terror attack on that very day. 

You could have used the opportunity to express gratitude to the brave men and women who and sacrifice life and limb to preserve your right to go up on that stage and criticize the President Elect of the United States. In much of the world you would have been imprisoned or even murdered for such remarks.
And instead you chose to demonize and undermine the President Elect of the United States without even giving him a chance to lead.

Another choice would have been to be a unifier and show gratitude for the American exceptionalism which he and his campaign represent.
He may be far from perfect -and so are we—- I am in no way condoning any actions or words which are offensive or hurtful to others - but - for the larger good - we must continue to fight together - hand in hand - as Americans - for our values and our ideals which represent the last best hope of mankind.

You may not understand this hope - or the people all over our country and all over the world need it - and who now have it.
Perhaps you should try.
This would show compassion.

I invite you to join together with me - in the spirit of love and solidarity - in a public forum at the time and in the venue of your choosing so we can further discuss - and perhaps bring much needed attention - to these pressing issues of our time.

With warm regards,
Susan L. Kone

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