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Loose Change is a series of films released between 2005 and 2009 which pursue a theory of Government involvement in the 911 attacks on America. They investigate theories, and research evidence unsupportive of the Government's position.

Loose Change

(2.3 Trillion Dollars Missing from Pentagon )


 by Linda Rasmussen

Bush administration hid facts, money transfer made and reports were not released. Personally, I think Big Banks, inclusive with Bush, were behind the move. Didn't Bush give a bailout for banks?

Remember President Bush administration gave bale out for banks. 

Don't forget about the missing money mentioned by pentagon a day or so before 9/11
                (2.3 Trillion Dollars Missing from Pentagon )
Military were conducting an exercise in 2004, one described flying a plane into the pentagon; however it was scrapped by pentagon as being “too unrealistic”. NORAD devised an exercise, June 1-2, 2001 called Amalgam Virgo 01, a training guide for unconventional terrorist attacks, and included an airborne hijacking. On its cover, a photo of Osama Bin Laden. On the day of 9/11 no jet fighters were even near the pentagon or capital, as they participated in training exercises. When the 9/11 attacks occurred, Osama Bin Laden hailed the attacks, but claimed he had no part in them.

On that day, 9/11, there were flight exercises being done, war games, under the name of Vigilant Guardian, a part of Global Guardian; staged by the joint chiefs and NORAD to simulate hijacked planes. Global Guardian was originally scheduled for October, but moved to September. Exercise is cancelled after 2nd Twin Tower is hit. 3 doomsday planes were still airborne. One plane seen flying over the White House was one of the military’s sensitive planes, an air force E4B; pentagon denied and there’s no mention of the plane in the 9/11 Commission’s report.

Northern Vigilance, another training exercise, was also being done simulating Russian planes. Simulated planes, phantoms, appeared real to those participating in the exercise. Another drill, Tripod II; personnel of the Office of Emergency Management, located on the 23rd FL of World Trade Center Bldg 7 were making preparations for the biological attack drill to occur 9/12. Also the CIA had a war game of a plane crashing into their building. There were many games being played on that day. 

Listen to the Commission’s hearing regarding the war games. Were these games conducted to disguise an attack? And, where was Bush? On the morning of 9/11, there are no clear images of what happened during the attack at the pentagon. Why? It’s a government security building. Flight instructors provide negative insight of one of the terrorist pilots, who never completed a single course, was labeled as a highly experienced pilot of the hijacked plane, Flight 77 by the commission report.

FAA refused to answer questions, including a pilot’s license which appeared to be a forgery. Amazing that there is found driver’s licenses and a passport at scenes. Flight 93 crash in PA had 2 debris sites, one located 6 miles away from a crater 15-20’ long x 10’ wide made by the impact of the plane, where little was found, not even the wreckage… the plane disintegrated along with all passengers. 

FBI took control of the investigation and refused to release the cockpit voice recorder to family members until April 18, 2002 whereas the victims’ relatives were forbidden to talk about it. Actual cockpit voice recorder has yet to be released to the public. It was difficult for witnesses to believe the military had no clue about the plane flying in the area, but a year later, the story changed. 

“We will take lives in the air, to preserve lives on the ground.” Because Flight 93 changed course and was headed toward Washington, DC, there was an order to bring the plane down. However, military claim they did not bring down Flight 93. Aug 21, 2002, commissioned National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) headed by Bush appointees, released Oct 26, 2005, a structural integrity report of the Twin Towers. Underwriters Lab conducted a fire resistance test on a scale model.

Because of the fear of what might happen to the Empire State Bldg; the towers were constructed to withstand a jet collision. If there were a fire, the structure would still be standing. Even though the report contained 10,000 pages, it did not explain the actual collapse of the buildings. So why would people get an idea that the structure was compromised by other means? 

This video provides a plausible answer. Gordon Ross, a mechanical engineer, did an extensive analysis of the collapse of the Twin Towers and provides his expertise. There were huge bowls of “molten steel as though you were in a foundry,” “like lava”, found beneath the towers as testified by firemen who survived the collapse.

Rudy Giuliani states there were fires of over 2,000 degrees below the ground; thermal images seen. NIST refused to receive thermal images to confirm exposing willful ignorance of what really happened. 

White smoke is seen billowing from the base of the south Tower. Pyroclastic clouds occurred during the collapse of the Twin Towers and can only happen during two conditions; volcanic eruptions and controlled demolitions. Examples shown in video. 

Steel beams weighing up to 200,000 pounds were thrown laterally, up to 500 feet. A cross section from the World Trade Center weighing up to 300 tons, was imbedded into the American Express building, a distance of 390 feet maintaining enough kinetic energy to imbed itself into the corner of the building. The steel was later shipped overseas to prevent any private investigation. 

Reported explosions, within lower levels of both buildings, believed to have been a secondary bomb planted prior to the airplane attack, were heard, some witnesses say there was a giant ball of rolling flame traveling upwards in the building. Elevators on the main lobby appeared to be detonated, baffling firemen and police respondents as the plane crash occurred many floors above.

This video has eye witness accounts not revealed by the mass media. The removal of debris was carefully controlled, every truck that was used to remove debris was outfitted with GPS. FEMA was prevented access to ground zero and forbidden from collecting samples, but given a tour. Steel beams throughout the construction of the towers were sprayed with fire retardant material, asbestos, stopping at the 64th floor when asbestos became outlawed. 

Government officials used hazmat suits, while responders and others used paper masks one can purchase at Home Depot. Environmental Protection Agency, under the orders from the White House, September 18, 2001, told New Yorkers, the air was safe to breathe. The White House began revising wording used by EPA to mislead the public by false reassurances rather than warning. 

September 13th, EPA draft release which was never released to the public, Testing Terrorized Sites for Environmental Hazards, was changed by the White House to read, EPA Reassures Public about Environmental Hazards. September 16th, EPA draft release, Recent Samples of Dust… On Water Street Show Higher Levels of Asbestos, was changed by the White House to read, New Samples Confirm… Ambient Air Quality OSHA [Government] Standards… Not a Cause for Public Concern. 

The White House chose to omit the EPA warning. The reason the wording was changed? EPA Inspector General responds… to open Wall Street quickly and for national security concerns. Christine Todd Whitman was appointed by President George W. Bush as Administrator of EPA, taking office on January 31, 2001. 

Horrible as New Jersey’s first woman governor, equally poor at running the EPA. Whitman took orders from Condoleezza Rice. More people died from post 9/11 than those who died on the day itself. By 2006, 70% of ground zero workers had developed respiratory problems, 100s developed cancer. Building 7, 300’ away from the North Tower of the World Trade Center, opened to the public in 1987. Interesting to note, the building housed offices for the Dept of Defense, Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Internal Revenue Service. Building 7 was considered the central intelligence agencies largest station outside of DC and was the secret services biggest field office.

Because of the buildings destruction, numerous cases were closed. June 8, 1999, Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s Emergency Command Center, located on the 23rd floor, opens and is linked to the pentagon, coast guard and airports. The building is reported to be bulletproof and bomb resistant having its own air supply and 3 backup generators, beds and showers. Monitors pick up all police and fire actions, computers will have blueprints of every building within the city as well as evacuation roots. Hurricane, heat waves and terrorist attacks would be handled from this command office which is staffed 24/7.

On that day, 9/11, the fire alarm system was placed on test status beginning at 7am for a period of 8 hours during regular maintenance. Any alarms received from the system would be ignored. NIST report dated June 2004. The building wasn’t physically attacked reported by BBC & CNN, it was weakened as a result of the attack and fires had broken out on various floors. 

You can see building 7 directly behind a journalist who is reporting the event in Manhattan. The building is later seen falling within its own footprints, not damaging surrounding structures also creating a pyroclastic cloud. It is rumored that the buildings diesel fuel tanks was responsible for the collapse, however, in FEMA’s 2002 report for building 7 states the collapse remains unknown at this time. What wasn’t mentioned is that also within that report, it was noted, the diesel fuel had a low probability of being the cause. 

NIST decided to use diesel fuel as the resulting factor even though the building collapsed much like a demolition. Unfortunately, none of the structural steel from building 7 had been investigated. Why?!

As of June 20, 2016, NIST is still working on a final report. Because the investigation is still ongoing, they are not at liberty to discuss findings. Why didn’t the American Express building, receiving a 300 ton projectile, collapse? 

Why didn’t other buildings within the World Trade Center complex suffer global collapse? 

Witnesses escaping this building claim, power went out, then there was an explosion and smoke. Video evidence for building 7 shows what appears to be series of set detonations starting from the bottom going upwards of the building just before its collapse. When families argued for an investigation, Bush and Cheney urging the investigation be limited to the House and Senate committees, providing the White House with complete control by appointing Kissinger as head of the commission. 

Bush administration would continue to stall the investigation. Sounds very similar to a Hillary Clinton email and Benghazi investigation. Congress demanded that Kissinger disclose his private business clients. It was revealed later that Kissinger was a chief advisor to the Bush administration regarding the Iraq war

A lie which caused more American deaths than 9/11 itself. 

Why did Bush have to have Cheney with him when he was questioned by a revised commission after Kissinger was removed? 

Sounds like they wanted to get their stories straight, not conflicted. Bush claims it makes it easier to have both of them appear to answer questions. April 29th, 2004, Cheney and Bush are together before the commission, NOT placed under oath, to testify for approximately 3 hours; this meeting was NOT recorded, and the commission’s notes are subject to White House censorship.

Rudy Giuliani also testifies, UNDER OATH. A reporter asked for a transcript of that hearing. Survivors of victims claim that Giuliani was forewarned something was going to happen which is why he was not in the building at the time. July 22, 2004, final report was provided by the commission, closing its doors in August. 

Why did 3,000 people have to die 9/11? 

Who were the people being protected and for what reason?

Here are some photos ,from the video.

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