Sunday, January 8, 2017

Anonymous: US Citizens, This Is What They Don't Want You To Know

Image result for Has the power of money in the United States grown so great that democracy is just a charade?

Has the power of money in the United States grown so great that democracy is just a charade?

There is almost no aspect of society that is not under their control! 

This is the latest Anonymous message to the US public. 

Did their money come to them because the magic of the market realised how ultra-special talented they were? Or because of power? Manipulating laws, buying politicians, even taking over governments. Has the power of money in the United States grown so great that democracy is just a charade? A large, frenetic, incredibly expensive one, but still, just play-acting and a dumb show for the public?

While all the real decisions come from a small group of the ultra-wealthy, to some degree very consciously, but to an even larger degree by the sheer weight of their incredible wealth, the Oligarchs.

That much money, it has to be about power.


I live in Odessa Texas the home George HW Bush and Barbara Bush and President George W bush and Laura Bush and they have made millions and millions of dollars on oil in the United States not only here in the United States before oil from Iraq Kuwait it seems to me that the bushes and the government and the other parts of the politics just want to take control over the old because they know without oil we won't be able to survive because we cook with it we need it for our vehicles so pretty soon in my opinion in my opinion this is just like a butthole everybody has one but I think our world is about to have a rude awakening because they they want to make oil prices so high

Someone should have executed the entire Rockefeller family long before 1900....same with the Rothchildes and same with the frigging bastards who started BP and Royal Dutch Shell !! They should have ALL been wiped out , and the OIL industry should have been tightly controlled by each national government for the betterment of the entire population of each country and furthermore, once it was established that electricity was feasible to run ALL forms of transportation and appliances , OIL should have been abandoned as well as coal!! We could have saved the entire world if only we had had some forward-thinking , HARD HEARTED folks willing to do what was necessary in order to safeguard the public's best interests! Nicola Tesla was the SAVIOR of mankind, just as Royal Rife was in another arena! We have ALL been the victims of EVIL < scumbags , little demons in human guise , FAMILIES which should have been exterminated entirely , quickly with little to no fanfare , and our reality today would be so so so much healthier , we might have even attained type 1 civilization status by now! We would have certainly already colonized our immediate solar system, and most probably begun inter-galactic exploration! Because none of these things happened , we are now in a position where humanities very future is not secure! Our environment has been ravaged , and due to the greed and sheer evil of our leadership , our entire global civilization is on the verge of COMPLETE DISSIPATION!!

Mark Suckerberg is related to these sickos!!!!!#WakeUpAmerica

Haha it is so funny. Who owns the patents for the free energy and where are they gone. Billionaires rule the word and reign it. Our future will be so bright. What a beautiful world this will be. Did everyone of you read the lyrics of that song and open up his mind to understand what is the hidden message in that song? Donald Fagan keep an eye on it and you ll see. Money is a living thing. The purpose of it is to keep in motion. The big money owners have so much money they are unable to keep it in motion. That is the money which is missing in the money circle worldwide and that is the cause of the cancer and nothing else. The rich getting richer day by day and the poor must struggle more and more to survive. No matter if these are people from America Asia Africa Europe or the rest of our world. Our Money is worthless do you agree? 

Our money's only paper covered by debts and more debts. I could loudly scream it out the whole day this vast huge gigantic super large mess which takes place at the Moment. And we the little random products of evolution what can we do against these lawgivers of money? Nothing. Look at the sky and realize the chemtrails above your heads. Taste your water your food and take a look at the healthy ingredients. Pull on your clothes and put on your shoes. Do you know that these products are fully packed with chemicals and poison. How many jobs do you have? What do you earn and be true is it enough money to live a comfortable secure safety life? I do not think so. Yes the money is the big problem.

Look in your wallet. Do you agree that there are a lot of credit cards in it. How can you know whats left on your account after a big shopping tour. Oh unable to pay the rent, the credit debts or even to buy some food and you can park your vehicle around the corner because the tank is empty and no help in sight. I love my real money and do not pay with plastic because I do not like this invisible money. Money is the core of the cancer but by the way our world is crazy weird inordinately and greedy. Happy new year to all the human beings. Sorry to interrupt but do you think we were on the moon, the earth is flat and if the space really exists?

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