Sunday, December 4, 2016



by Field McConnell,

1. Abel Danger (AD) has linked Hillary Clinton’s alleged development of a Federal Bridge Certification Authority snuff-film archive to an 8(a)-company visa service apparently launched in 1994 by Serco to abduct children and staff sensitive compartmented information facilities (SCIFs) for a Podesta pedophile ring.

2. AD claims that Serco shareholders JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse raised about $360,745,000 in September 2008 to fund the deployment of SCIFs in the Clinton State Department and equip 8(a) aliens to run the Podesta pedophile blackmail ring.

3. United States Marine Field McConnell – Global Operations Director of Abel Danger –has offered to serve as a five-star general in a Trump administration to destroy SCIFs and any other military assets deployed by 8(a) companies on the Clinton Snuff Film Bridge.

Smoking Gun- Pedo Podesta Bros *WERE THEY STAYING IN PORTUGAL* the night the Madeline Mcann DISAPPEARED?

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This is much worse and deeper than we thought
these luciferians get off on sadism and sadistic sex with death as their happy ending
some of this was exposed on Australian 60 minutes how the politicians are guilty and they are covered for
the highest of the highest levels.

This is tied to visas
looks like a company visa service was launched in l994
by Serco to abduct children
these elites have it all worked out
they get companies to get them visas to traffick them under the radar

 Ibet a lot of the unaccompanied children that Obama was putting through our borders were for this purpose. has to be
there were so damn many
that had to be from this system.
because parents would not willingly let their kids come over here alone
these kids were trafficked over here under OBama cover
this is explosive and heartbreaking

This stuff is tied to the jon benet ramsey case and on the video they talk about it the dad had a high level job Lockheed Martin
I think she was a sacrifice
because the father would not comply

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