Thursday, December 29, 2016

What's on my mind?:12/29/16,Letter about United Nations

What's on my mind?
 Letter about United Nations

Received as a comment on the UN post I think it's excellent and want to share it with you! 
Sent this morning to Byrne, Sessions and Shelby: 

It is time to end the global takeover of world domination by the United Nations. It is time to end the United Nations that has become a bigger threat to humanity and freedom than ISIS. It is time to DEFUND The United Nations. It is time to withdraw all personnel, money, equipment and land from the United Nations. Kick their sorry asses off American Soil and let them take Obama with them.

GOD SAVE ISRAEL AND GOD DESTROY THE UNITED NATIONS. Push them into the sea. Israel should withdraw from the United Nations and shoot the first UN Troops that show up on Israeli soil. The United Nations is nothing more that the criminal tool of Islam. And to answer your next question NO I am not Jewish but I am an enemy of the filth of the United Nations. Obama is like an evicted tenant wrecking and breaking everything he can on his way out of the house. Obama is a dirty rotten piece of vile Islamic crap. I hope he burns in hell for eternity. 

The only thing the United Nations has ever done for the Unites States is suck up our money and waste the blood of our youth on their battlefields. I hate them. Now how can I contact the sorry ass bastards?

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