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Cleaning Out The Swamp,Just The Beginning 
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Islamists With Terror Ties In Obama Admin Getting A Big Sack Of Bad News From Donald…


I am not saying that every person in government has to agree with everything that I happen to agree with. There’s just no way that this would ever happen. However, I would at least like a government where there aren’t people in important positions that think giving money to terrorists is just a damn fine thing to do.

Barack Obama has stacked our government with Islamists, making it clear that those associated with the Muslim Brotherhood are welcome to high-security clearances. Anyone calling this out as a possible risk to national security was met with charges of racism and xenophobia. However, it’s those Islamists who are now freaking out as they get a nasty surprise from Donald Trump, and you’re going to love this.Apparently, many Islamists working for the federal government have been running around scared, freaking out ever since Election Day on November 8th. When Donald Trump got elected, they saw it as one of the worse things that could ever happen to them.According to Politico, a known leftist website, “The employees [Islamists] are on edge about everything from retaining their security clearances to the possibility of discriminatory treatment under Trump, whose top aides include known peddlers of conspiracy theories about Islamists infiltrating the U.S. government.”

These radical Muslims in Obama’s government have been doing what leftists do best — getting together and having support groups to talk about their anxiety about the supposedly big, bad, racist Donald Trump.

If they have done nothing wrong and have no links to radical Muslims, then why are they freaking out? Americans were clear when we elected Donald Trump to protect our country. Our biggest security risk comes from radical Muslims, and that is no conspiracy theory.

There is hardcore evidence that Obama has allowed radical Islamists to infiltrate at the highest levels, and those individuals should just pack up their desks or face being arrested because Trump is clear that they are going to go.

Attorney General Jeff Session must investigate this issue.”

Senator Sessions Senator Phone Number: (202) 224-4124

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