Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Basic Argument Of Liberty

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By Michael Hutton

AUAT  San Antonio, TX

Sometimes I wake up in the morning with a message that is very powerful. It's the consequence of what I see happening in the world and understanding the meaning of it framed in the basic argument of Liberty. Here's what I mean. (and this is the summary version)

What we're seeing unfolding in the world is a thing that has never existed before. It is the consequence of failing government systems and the oppression people feel as those systems try to control and maintain the status quo. The push for globalism is being driven by gigantic powers. Those powers include giant commercial enterprises and giant political power bases. The vision of globalism is free commerce and universal 'equality'. But understand that it's not driven by philanthropy but greed. It doesn't have an endgame vision of universal peace. The endgame is a measured examination of how many people the earth can sustain and a controlling power that maintains equilibrium 'for the sake of the common good'. But those pushing for it mostly do not understand what they're pushing for.. their goal is to make money and garner power. (They are actually pawns in a much more sinister game.. but that's a side topic)

World systems and the global paradigm are shifting. Oil dominance in the middle east is coming to an end. Trump's promise to produce our own oil is a move toward dominance. Russia sees that and is looking to align and decide turf. Europe is in financial and cultural chaos and has no effective role in this big picture because while they're at its mercy they have no power to affect anything. So there are many global markets that are about to be affected by Trump's Presidency and that means many powers will come out against him. The narrative in the mainstream media is narrowing it's focus on the discussion of 'nationalism' and the charge that it is driven by racism is the propaganda to demonize the movement of Trump, contrary to the globalist interests, to enhance America's sovereignty and global strength as a nation. The Federal Reserve has begun threatening a rate hike and there is only one major reason they'd do that... to stop Trump's efforts to see America soar financially... to dampen the effect of his coming economic plans for America.

We are at war with powers that seek to put us in their box and make us their serfs. And guess who the most powerful agency in the world is right now... it is us... patriots of America. Why? Because we are the only major force standing against globalism in the world and the only ones that can provide the necessary voice and force to permit Trump's plans.. and more importantly OUR plans to restore Liberty and Justice in America! Seven years ago the vision of a Patriot Union began to form in my head through discussions with many many people over these issues. The requirement for this Patriot Union has become ever more clear as time is passing. Listen friends... WE are the force to save the WORLD!! We must unite. WE must become informed and educated and united in a clear understanding of the issues we face.. the powers that seek to destroy us and all that we love... and the path we must take to see America... and the entire world... saved from tyranny!

Michael Hutton

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