Friday, December 2, 2016

Obama Behind Muslim Brotherhood Caliphate Conspiracy

 A grim Obama now faces not merely eviction from the White House, but also the extinction of his legacy.

The sad thing is, this video is 3 years old and what he reported on about Turkey, Egypt, Hamas, all of it either has or is happening right now. And Americans still won't accept the fact gast we are heavily infiltrated by radical Islamic terrorist who have their own camps that no one is permitted to go inside by Obama's approval. Things are beyond bad. Look at England, France, Germany, Sweden, The UK, and EVERY country that has opened their borders. Today marks the 4th day in a row in the past week that they have killed someone just in Germany alone. It was a pregnant mother and she was murdered in the street. No one is vetting these people so they have no ID, no history at all as to who they really are and what they are about. Trump is right. Build that wall and arm it with the best. Not another person should be permitted to come into any of these countries without the proper procedures being fully in acted.

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